Vol. 4, No. 6 November / December 1988  Issue Select 
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Cover Title: Passenger Geeps
Cover Subtitle: Part II
On the Cover: N&W Passenger Geeps No. 505 and No. 516 at Norfolk date unknown. Notice the 516's herald plate has been removed.
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Society News - Unknown Unknown
Norfolk & Western passenger Geeps Part II - Unknown Unknown
  Photo 762 shown here shortly after delivery in Roanoke (7-58). Note the absence of heralds of any kind and the unmodified fuel tank, air tanks, and side sill. (Fred Kern photo from Tom Dressler Collection)
  Drawing EMD Class GP-9 (Passenger 1750 HP) (Norfolk & Western Railway Co. Motive Power Department)
  Data Sheet EMD Model GP-9 1750 Horsepower (Norfolk & Western Railway Co. Motive Power Department)
  Photo The 505 again, taken this time in Cincinnati, OH precise date not known. Note the spark arrestor and the toilet dump tube next to the short end step. (Jim Shaw photo from the George Hughes Collection)
  Chart N&W Passenger GP-9 Dispositions (Unknown)
Never Say Never - Thomas D. Dressler
  Photo Blasting upgrade at Sargents, OH, we find Class A # 1218 on a time freight train with tri-level auto racks. September 1988 (Angela Dressler photo)
Current News - Robert G. Bowers; Gary Rolih; Mason Y. Cooper; John Kinney, Jr.; Hugh Griffin; William E. Griffin; Ken Borg; Jim Henry; Jon J. Charles; Gray Tuttle
  Photo GP-30 R/N 522, (N&W's first), comes off the Shenandoah river bridge at Riverton, VA. The stakes, barely visible in the foreground, mark the location of what will be the new connection with the Southern's Eastern Division-Manassas Branch. The connection is being delayed by difficulties in purchasing the land. (Mason Cooper Photo)
Modeler's Corner - Thomas D. Dressler
Product Review / Front Range Products N&W Passenger GP-9 Conversion - George Hughes; Rick Stone
  Photo The Front Range Products side frame and fuel tank before modification and the Tyco fuel and air tank assembly. (Laura Hughes photo)
  Photo The Front Range Products sideframe and fuel tank casting modified to accept the Tyco tank assembly. The inspection holes have not yet been added to the sideframe. (Laura Hughes photo)
  Drawing As built GP-7 and early GP-9 sideframe. This is how the Front Range Products frame appears at the start of the conversion. (Unknown)
  Drawing Modified sideframe as it appears on the N&W 500s. The large notch is to clear the horizontal air reservoir. The two smaller notches are for access to the air tank mounting straps. The five holes are for inspecting the fuel tank mounting. Both drawings are approximately HO scale. (Unknown)
Norfolk & Western Railway Standard Shelter Shed - N&W Railway
Vol. 4, No. 6 November / December 1988  Issue Select