Vol. 4, No. 4 July / August 1988  Issue Select 
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Cover Title: Passenger Geeps
Cover Subtitle: Part 1
On the Cover: GP-9s 519 and 508 on the front of the Pocahontas
Articles In This Issue
Society News - Unknown Unknown
  Photo Marquee in front of hotel at N&WHS Convention (Unknown)
Passenger Geeps - Robert G. Bowers; George Hughes; Rick Stone; Thomas D. Dressler
  Photo This delivery photo of 515, one of the second batch of engines shows it lacking the end mounted bell. (Norfolk & Western)
  Photo This photo of 501 was taken in June of 1967 after the engine was painted in blue with the half-moon heralds. Note the bell and the distinctive fuel tanks of the 500 series. (Howard Ameling Collection)
Current News - Robert G. Bowers; Thomas D. Dressler; Chris Toth; Trent Hulbert,; William E. Griffin; Ken Borg; Gray Tuttle
Product Review / Swingster NS Souvenir Catalog - Thomas D. Dressler
Modeler's Corner - Thomas D. Dressler
Product Review / Three in Steam (New NS video Production) - Thomas D. Dressler
Convention Report '88 - Unknown Unknown
  Photo GP-40 1385 and slug 9728 pulled th eonly move across the hump at Portsmouth Yard during our tour (Ann Billau Photo)
  Photo A portion of the Scioto Division control board. The top line shows from Bannon Interlocking to Joyce Avenue Yard in Columbus, OH. The middle line shows from Star Yard in Portsmounth, OH to Kenova, WV. The bottom line shows the portion of the Cincinnati District from Zion to Batavia, OH. (Howard Ameling Collection)
  Photo Ex-passenger GP-9 #502 was in the Portsmouth Lubritorium having useable parts removed prior to scrapping. (Ann Billau Photo)
  Photo Steam Locomotive, Class A kit-bashed from Monogram Big Boy and Hudson parts by Rev. Jim Nichols (George Hughes photo)
  Photo Caboose, O-Scale C-31 built by Wayne Coleman (George Hughes photo)
  Photo Best Virginian, Square-head electric kitbashed from a Rosebud Austrian "crocodile" kit by Jim Nichols (George Hughes photo)
  Photo Freight car, Class H-14 rapid discharge hopper by Dean Freytag (George Hughes photo)
  Photo Structure, medium sized coal mine scene built by Dean Freytag (George Hughes photo)
  Photo Passenger Car, Class Pg coach 1679 by Robert Chapman (George Hughes photo)
  Photo Diesel Locomotive, SD-60 #6567 kitbashed and detailed by Trent Hulburt (George Hughes photo)
  Photo M of W, Class G-26 wheel car outfitted and painted by Chris Toth (George Hughes photo)
  Photo Mighty "J" Award, needpoint Virginian Railway herald by Laura Hughes (George Hughes photo)
  Photo This line of wheelsets is finishing its trip through the Portsmouth wheel shop and only needs to have bearings reinstalled before they are released for service around the system (Ann Billau Photo)
  Photo Group picture (Unknown)
Vol. 4, No. 4 July / August 1988  Issue Select