Vol. 4, No. 3 May / June 1988  Issue Select 
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Cover Title: Headlights and Backup Lights
Cover Subtitle: Part 2: Diesel Locomotives
On the Cover: N&W Y-6 R/N 2145 works northward on the interchnage tracks in the rain in 1955.
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Society News - Unknown Unknown
Shenandoah Junction - Mason Y. Cooper
  Photo This is the view looking soutj at ShenandoahJunction, WV taken on January 3, 1988. In th eforeground is th elocation of the former cossing at grade with the B&O. In the distance you can see the former main line, now part of the interchange tracks. The interchange comes down a hill, in the distance, and veers to the left for a connection with CSX. The foundation of the old Union Station lies across the tracks, to the left, while the shed occupies a part of the passenger platform.  (Mason Cooper Photo)
  Photo N&W SD-435 R/N 1731 heading N&W train HR-95 waits for a brakeman to couple hoses at the end of th einterchnage on a hot August 3, 1978. Train No. 95 is about to pick up one of those cuts of auto racks that have become Shenandoah Junctionm's trademark. (Mason Cooper Photo)
  Photo N&W Y-6b R/N 2173 backs down to the B&O, on the interchnage tracka at Shenandoan Junction in 1955. Union Station can be seen behind the auxiliary tender, while the present structure can be seen to the left in its original location. (William Warden Photo)
  Photo N&W SD-45 R/N 1800 pulls out of the siding on the relocated mainline at Shenandoah Junction. Those homes in the picture to the left have the old mainline in the front yard and th enew mainline in the backyard. SD-45 R/N 1800 is leading N&W train Np. 18, and N&W-RDG train which was consolidated into other trains in 1975 at the Conrail merger. The dtae is January 13, 1971  (Mason Cooper Photo)
Bibliography of Norfolk & Western Books - Unknown Unknown
Headlights and Backup Lights / Pat 2, Diesel Locomotives - Thomas D. Dressler; Douglas A. Andre'
  Drawing Trailing Unit headlignt control and dimmer switch positions (Unknown)
  Drawing Intermediate UNit headlight control and dimmer switch postions (Unknown)
  Drawing Late model GP-9 type headlight/backup light rotary dimming switch mounted on the control stand. (EMD Photo)
  Drawing EMD early type back wall Headlight Control switch. On the old N&W, the No. 1 end or FRONT of the unit, as designated by the small "F" on the engine frame, was usually the long hood end. The No. 2 or short hood end, was usually the rear end of the unit. Present HL selector switches use long or short hood instead of #1 or #2 to designate which end of the unit is leading, trailing or if the unit is in the intermediate location in the consist. (EMD Photo)
  Drawing Lead unit headlight control and dimmer switch positions (Unknown)
  Photo Late model EMD cab rear wall Engine Control panel with HEADLIGHT CONTROL selector switch in upper right hand corner. Also note the Number Board, Classification, Engine Room and Platform light control switches just above the Emergency Fuel Cutoff/Engine Stop button. While many ex-Southern units were equipped with the Traction Motor Cutout Selector Switch, shown in the upper right center, very few ex-N&W units were so equipped. (EMD Photo)
  Photo EMD/AAR late model Locomotive Control panel as being used on most domestic freight units now in production. The control stand on GE units is virtually identical. Present installation now include the radio built into the stand directly above the AutoMatic Air Brake valve (#5). Front and rear headlight dimmer control switches are at locations 12 and 17 in the photo. (EMD Photo)
  Photo This is the EMD late-model GP-9 locomotive Control Panel with Load Meter and Air Brake gauges across the top. The HL/BUL dimmer control is on the flat vertical panel to the right of the throttle. HL off/on switches are on the panel above the EMD indentification plate. (EMD Photo)
Current News - Robert G. Bowers; Thomas D. Dressler; Tom Borg; Ed Durnwald; E. L. Rantanes
  Photo New experimental Norfolk Southern paint scheme for hopper cars. The car 119738 is a class H-11b and has a weigh date of 4-88 (paint dates are no longer applied to cars). Photo taken at Crewe, VA April 30, 1988 where about a dozen of these newly painted cars were spotted in a three hour period. No Southern cars were noted carrying thi spaint at the time. (Rick Stone photo)
Modeler's Corner - Thomas D. Dressler
Product Review / New Decal Sets - Thomas D. Dressler
Coming in Future Issues of the Newsletter - Unknown Unknown
Norfolk & Western Railway Standard Cinder Car Stop - N&W Railway
Vol. 4, No. 3 May / June 1988  Issue Select