Vol. 3, No. 6 November / December 1987  Issue Select 
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Cover Title: Field tests of GE C39-8 locomotives
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On the Cover: On April 12, 1985, NS C36-7 No. 8541 and C39-8 No. 8562 bridge Tug Fork and US 52 between Wilmore and Roderfield, WV, with 135 cars and 17,031 trailing tons.
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Society News - Unknown Unknown
  Photo 1988 Norfolk & Western Historical Society Calendar (Unknown)
  Drawing NWHS Lapel Pin designed by member Laura Hughes, N&W Logo with Historical Society underneath, Tuscan Red (Unknown)
  Photo Steam, Steel and Stars: Text and Captions by NWHS memeber Tim Hensley; Photos by O. Winston Link; Large Collection of Nighttime Steam Era N&W Photos
Virginia Railway Signals - Jon J. Charles; G. H. Lewis; E. E. Cooper
  Photo The standard Searchlight Signals at Weyanoke, WV looking toward Elmore Yard. Th edwarf signal is #026R and the high signal is #028L. This section of the VGN is heavily used even today. (Unknown)
Field Test : C39-8s - B. F. Anthony
  Photo East of Roderfield the "hot engine, 10% derate" has the speed down to 7.7 mph ob April 12, 1985 (John Joseph photo)
  Chart Snapshot Performance: Norfolk Southern/General Electric Pocahontas Division Test Train - April 11, 1985 (Unknown)
  Chart Snapshot Performance: Norfolk Southern/General Electric Pocahontas Division Test Train - April 12, 1985 (Unknown)
  Drawing The above diagram shows the path both test trains took. The tonnage ratings chart in th eupper left hand corner as based on an SD40-2. As you can see, both the elevation and distance are shown. Th emajor pulls are capitalized for easier reading. (A. Billau)
Book Review / The Norfolk & Western's A and J Class Locomotives - Peter E. Franson
Current News - Robert G. Bowers; Thomas D. Dressler; H. Warren Middleton; Dean A. Freytag; Gene P. Schaeffer; Gray Tuttle
Modeler's Corner - Thomas D. Dressler
Reminiscences - Carl C. Sprinkle
Free Interchange - Michael Gresham
Kit Review / Bowser Mechanism for Bachman J - James Nichols
  Photo Bachman J (Unknown)
  Drawing Drawings for Mechanism for Bachman N&W Class J (English's Model Railroad Supply)
Product Review / ShellScale Decals - James Nichols
Norfolk & Western Railway Standard State Line Post - N&W Railway
Vol. 3, No. 6 November / December 1987  Issue Select