Vol. 3, No. 4 July / August 1987  Issue Select 
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Cover Title: The N&W's T-6 Part 2
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On the Cover: Three T-6s drop down through the Portsmouth, Ohio, car retarders to pick up anothe rcut of cars. The overhead view clearly shows the small box in front of the cab which contained radio equipment.
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The N&W's T-6 Part 2 - Jim King
  Photo T-6 #29 in her class photo taken before the louvered covers were installed over the car body filters (Rick Morrison Collection)
  Photo On A[ril 24, 1982, a week before NS took over all Norfolk, Franklin & Danville's operations, T-6 #49 was found parked at the Danville, VA terminal with NF&D RS-36 #2 and a former VGN caboose. Note the stencil "Leased to NF&D" under #49's cab number (Jim King Collection)
  Photo Showing the T-6's really did replace the S-1 0-8-0's is this July 1960 photo taken at the Roanoke passenger station of #25 handling express cars between train #2 and #26 the Powhatan Arrow (Rick Morrison Collection)
  Chart Roster information of ALCO T-6s (Prepared by Jim King)
  Photo Parked outside the shops at Elkton, VA are Chesapeake Western #11 & 10, N&W T-6 #42, and an N&W GP-9 (Jim King Collection)
  Photo N&W T-6 #31 and a former Wabash GP-7 come to the end of the line here at Roanoke's Cycle Systems in February, 1983 (Jim King Collection)
Society News - Unknown Unknown
Video Reviews - Thomas D. Dressler
Your Model editor and T-6 Number 12 - Thomas D. Dressler
Convention '87 - Rick Stone
  Photo This photo shows som eof our Society's members during the tour of the Shenandoah Division dispatchers office. This is only one half of the CTC board that controls from Hagerstown to Winston-Salem (Unknown)
  Photo THis photo was taken at the end of the Convention's afternoon tour and is only about half of those who made the trip. In the background is the fountain of the Hotel Roanoke.
Current News - Robert G. Bowers; William E. Griffin; Ken Borg; Everett N. Young
The Norfolk and Petersburg RR - reprint Norfolk & Western Magazine
Modeler's Corner - Thomas D. Dressler
Product Review /  N&W Cabooses Class CG and Class CH - Jim Houston
Product Review / Class HC-1 and Class HC-2 Covered Hopper cars - Jim Houston
  Photo This prototype photo shows the general arrangement of the HC-1 covered hopper car. Note th eunusuakl placemetn of th eploing pocket and the cast steel bolster-slope sheet support. (Roy Hurlburt Collection)
  Photo This view of the prototype shows the roof arrangement and end structural details (Roy Hurlburt Collection)
Norfolk & Western Railway Standard Cribs for Supporting Railroad Embankments - N&W Railway
Vol. 3, No. 4 July / August 1987  Issue Select