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Cover Title: The ALCO T-6, N&W's Switcher
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On the Cover: On March 18, 1968, T-6 No. 14 was leading GP-9 No. 890 while pulling a cut of hoppers through Portsmouth, OH
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Society News - Unknown Unknown
Free Interchange - Michael Gresham
The ALCO T-6 N&Ws's Switcher - Jim King
  Photo On Dec 27, 1979 at Lambert's Point, N&W #38 displays the paint scheme for T-6s between late 1963 and 1971. The letters were in standard yellow and had a black background instead of a blue one  (Jim King Collection)
  Drawing ALCO T-6 Drawing (Norfolk & Western Railway Co. Motive Department)
  Chart ALCO T-6 General, Electrical. Mechanical, AIR and Auxilliary Generator general specifications (Norfolk & Western Railway Co. Motive Department)
  Photo This side view of #34 in Norfolk, VA shows a lower lettering height if compared to other T-6s. Note there is nose emblem either, Photo taken May 1, 1974 (D. W. Read)
  Photo Stored in th eold VGN yard in Roanoke on June 23, 1984 is N&W T-6 #48 in fresh paint. #48 isperhaps the last of the T-6s to wear the N&W paint scheme prior to NS "Thoroughbred" scheme. (Jim King Collection)
The A and I - James Nichols
  Photo Norfolk & Western Class A #1241 at Bluefield, June 1950 (Jim Nichols photo)
Current News - Robert G. Bowers; Jim Caldwell; Jim King
The Southside RR - reprint Norfolk & Western Magazine
Modeler's Corner - Thomas D. Dressler
ALCO T-6 the Model - Thomas D. Dressler
  Photo The rerail frogs just behind the front step, different air horns, air brake pipe between front and rear truck and bell just behind the rear of the front truck show in the Engineer's side view (Tom Dressler Collection)
  Photo Fireman's side view of the Alco Models N&W T-6's show the speed recorder takeoff on the #6 wheel journal. Other added details include the door handles, added piping ab dair hoses between the units. (Tom Dressler Collection)
Repowering the ALCO T-6 - Jim King
ALCO (DL 440) T-6 Repowering - George Hughes
Norfolk & Western Railway Standard 12" Poage Standpipe - N&W Railway
Vol. 3, No. 3 May / June 1987  Issue Select