Vol. 26, No. 3 July / September 2010  Issue Select 
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Cover Title: Steam-Era GP9s
Cover Subtitle: Dieselizing the N&W / The Electric N&W Part 3
On the Cover: The N&W's GP9s were delivered originally in this steam-era lettering scheme. This color view taken shortly after they delivered reveals the details of the scheme. The 740 was one of a group of 15 units (747-761) built in February 1957 under builder's order 5476.
Articles In This Issue
Modeling a Steam-Era GP9 - James F. Brewer
Dieselizing the N&W / Two Documents from the N&WHS Archives - Norfolk & Western Historical Society
The Electric N&W, Part 3: New Locomotives and Operations - Kevin EuDaly
Electric Locomotives for the N&W - T. C. Wurts
4,000-horsepower Electric Locomotives for N&W / Electric Railway Journal, 12/30/1922 - Unknown Unknown
N&W Line Trouble Record Analyzed / Electric Railway Journal, 11/17/1923 - Unknown Unknown
High-Test Vanadium Steel Locomotive Frames / Railway Age, 6/16/2923 - Unknown Unknown
Train Handling with Electric Locomotives / Railway Age, 1921 - W. S. H. Hamilton
Progress in West Virginia Railway Electrification / Electric Railway Journal, 11/17/1923 - Stephen Q. Hayes
Vol. 26, No. 3 July / September 2010  Issue Select