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Cover Title: Diesel Timeline Part 3
Cover Subtitle: A J at 111, part 2 / The End of N&W's Banner Blue / Christmas Eve in Rural Retreat
On the Cover: The N&W owned some unique motive power. Certainly fitting that category were 110 high-hood U30Bs that came in 1967 (1930-1964), 1970 (8465-8505), and 1971 (8506-8539). The N&W was the only railroad to roster high-hood U30Bs. In this view two U30Bs with 1953 in the lead hustle manifest traffic at an unknown location in the upper Midwest.
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Book Review / The A: Norfolk and Western's Mercedes of Steam - Col. Lewis "Bud" I. Jeffries
Diesel Timeline Part 3 - Robert G. Bowers
  Photo Representing a group of six N&W purchased RS-11s, 401-406, the 403 is hard at work in Akron OH, switching the former Akron, Canton & Youngstown yard on 7/31/1974 (Willard Harvey photo)
  Photo N&W C30-7 8009 swings through a large sweeping curve on the est side of Brunswick on the former Wabash route across Missouri on 7/2/1983. Trailing the GE is EMD GP9 830 and 46 cars headed east toward Moberly, the mid-Missouri crew change point. (Kevin EuDaly photo)
  Photo Wearing the N&W blue scheme of the day, RS-11 #2563 was photographed in the engine facility at Sloan NY on 3/28/1972. This was part of the 19 former NKP RS-11s (2559-2577) that came to the N&W through the merger. (Kevin EuDaly collection)
  Photo The 2855 was also part of the a group of 15 former NKP RS-11s (2850-2864), and was photographed in New Castle IN on 9/5/1970. N&W simply added a "2" in front of the NKP number, so this formerly NKP 855. (Mont Switzer photo)
  Photo The N&W purchased a group of six RS-36s in 1962, number 407-412. Photographed on 7/30/1976 in Silver Creek NY, the 407 was working in the middle of a power set bracketed by GP40 1368 and ex-Wabash GP9 3491, both in the modern black "NW" scheme. (Kevin EuDaly collection)
  Photo The N&W inherited 11 RS-36s from the NKP originally numbered 865-875, and renumbered by adding a "2" in front of the number in mid to late 1966. The last two were high-hood units equipped with steam generators. The last one of the group, 2875, was parked at Belleveue OH on 8/15/1972. (Kevin EuDaly collection)
  Photo The NKIP also contributed nine RSD-12s to the N&W roster, number 325-333, renumbered to 2325-2333 on the N&W. These were later renumbered by the N&W to 250-258. The 251 was in Norfolk on 5/10/1974. These were extensively covered, along with an ex-NKP roster in The Arrow, 3rd quarter 2007. (Mel Lawrence photo)
  Photo One of a group of eight C-420s that were originally purchased by the N&W, the 417 was photographed in Detroit MI on 11/30/1974. (Kevin EuDaly collection)
  Table Timeline of ALCO RS-11 -> BLH-EMD AS-16 units, color centerfold (Bob Bowers data, Kevin EuDaly layout)
  Photo Ex-Wabash Alco C-424 leads another former Wabash unit, F7A 3712, and N&W original GP30 522 on the move at Bellevue OH on 10/9/1966. (Kevin EuDaly collection)
  Photo Coupled to a pair of Wabash F-units still in Wabash colors, new Alco C-425 waits the next call at the engine facility at the former Wabash yard in North Kansas City, MO in early 1965. (Jim Asplund photo)
  Photo The N&W purchased 10 C-425s in 1965 that were the N&W-standard high hood units set up for operation with the long hood forward. The 1013 was at Brewster OH on 10/18/1970. (Kevin EuDaly collection)
  Photo Alco C-630 1130 in Portsmouth OH on 4/9/1977 (Raymond E. Idapence photo, David P. Oroszi collection)
  Photo Two groups of high hoods C-628s, 1100-1109 and 1110-1129 brought by the N&W in 1965 and 1966 respectively. They didn't last long on the N&W, and were leased and eventually sold to the C&NW. Early in their C&NW careers, northbound 1109 & 1126 meet southbound 1113 and 1103 at Chippewa Falls WI on 4/14/1973. (A. Robert Johnson photo)
  Photo Few diesel locomotives rival the graceful curves of Alco's PA series. Though the N&W completely missed purchasing diesels in the cab unit era, it inherited three PA-2s from the Wabash, which didn't last through 1964. Here, Wabash Alco PA-2 1021, eventually renumbered NW 3852, was photographed in Decatur IL on 12/1/1960. (Bob Bowers collection)
  Photo Alco C-630 1138 works the hump at Portsmouth OH with a slug on 9/26/1975. The C-630s were the largest Alcos on N&W's roster. (David P. Oroszi photo)
  Photo Its low nose giving away its NKP heritage, 2578 poses in Buffalo NY. The 2578 was NKP's only C-420, and one of only nine on the N&W roster. (Robert L. Eastwood Jr photo, David P. Oroszi collection)
  Photo This unusual view is actually of the front of C-630 1138 at Clare Yard in Cincinnati OH in May 1969. The big Alcos were set up for long-hood forward operation, typical of most of N&W's early diesels. (R. M. Leach photo, David P. Oroszi collection)
  Photo There two photographs present front and rear views of Fairbanks-Morse H-10-44 3382 in Decatur IL on 8/1/1967. This group of four ex-Wabash H-10-44s came to the N&W with the merger. All of N&W's F-Ms were acquired through merger; none was bought new by the N&W. (Bob Bowers collection)
  Photo Wabash Alco FA-2 820, eventually renumbered NW 3820, was in Decatur IL on 12/1/1960, and was one of four on the N&W. Like the three PA-2s, the FA-2s also didn't last a year on the N&W. (Bob Bowers collection)
  Photo Fairbanks-Morse H-10-44 2132 and 2127 were in Bellevue OH on 5/1/1967. (Bob Bowers collection)
  Photo F-M H-12-44 3384 is from a group of three ex-Wabash units, wand was photographed in Fostoria OH in April 1969. None of the F-M switchers was very successful, but the 1,200HP H-12-44 was the highest seller, with 303 sold in the U.S. (David P. Oroszi photo)
  Photo The H-12-44 was particularly popular with the NKP, who had 21 on the roster that the N&W inherited. Brewster OH was clearly a place where the F-Ms and Alcos congregated, with the 2147 out from on 9/13/1975. Also present are H-12-44 2149 of the same group, Alco C-420s 419 and 416, and RS-11 2856. (David P. Oroszi photo)
  Photo In this interesting scene, F-M H16-44 121 is in charge of local freight or switching crew in Norfolk, now wearing the N&W blue paint scheme. (N&WHS archives collection)
  Photo Through this photograph was taken after the 1959 VGN merger, F-M H-16-44 149 still wears its sharp yellow and black VGN colors at Norfolk VA on 2/1/1960. (N&WHS archives collection)
  Photo The N&W acquired F-M units via the Pittsburgh & West Virginia, which was leased as part of the extensive merger including the NKP and Wabash in 1964. P&WV's entire diesel roster consisted of Baldwin VO-1000 30, Baldwin AS-616 40, F-M H-20-44s 50-71, and H-16-44s 90-93. The N&W wound up with all of the H-20-44s and tow of the H-16-44s (90-91). Here the 91 was parked in Norfolk VA on 10/1/1967. (Bob Bowers collection)
  Photo F-M H-20-44 65 and 64 are in service at Norfolk on 5/11/1968. (Bob Bowers collection)
  Photo The largest of the F-M road switchers was the Train Master, mode H-24-66. The VGN had 25 of these, 2400HP brutes, number 50-74. The 172 was captured on film at Mullens WV on Christmas day 1971. (R. M. Leach photo, David P. Oroszi collection)
  Photo F-M H-24-66 3596 was at Mullens VW on 1/1/1973 working on the former VGN. (Dan Dover photo)
  Photo Coming in 1966 from GE were 30 U28Bs, 1900-1929. Typical of the group is 1915, photographed at Rook Yard in Pittsburg PA in October 1969. (Don A. Pope photo, David P. Oroszi collection)
  Photo The U25B was GE's first entrant into the locomotive market, and the N&W didn't buy any new. It acquired a fleet of 15 U25Bs with the acquisition of the Wabash (500-514). U25B 3518 was photographed in August 1973. (Kevin EuDaly collection)
  Photo GE began production of the 3000HP U30B in December 1966, and the following year the N&W bought 35 of them, numbered 1930-1964. U30B 1939, was at Frankfort IN on 9/19/1976. (David P. Oroszi photo)
  Photo GE C30-7 8005 was photographed at Decatur IL on the former Wabash on 1/5/1980. (David G. Kimmel photo, David P. Oroszi collection)
  Photo The three GE U30Cs purchased in 1974 represented a significant shift in motive power purchases for the N&W; they came with low short hoods. They were, however, still set up with the long hood as the front of the locomotive. U30C 8001 was a Columbus OH on 5/30/1977. (Raymond E. Idapence photo, David P. Oroszi collection)
  Photo After the first 35 U30Bs came on the line 1967, the N&W added 41 more in 1970 (8465-8505) and an additional 34 in 1971 (8506-8539), bringing the total to 110. Representing the latter group, GE U30B 8527 was at Lima OH on 8/18/1977. (R. M. Leach photo, David P. Oroszi collection)
A J at 111, Part 2 - David R. Stephenson
The end of N&W's Banner Blue - John Brian Mummert
Christmas Eve in Rural Retreat - David R. Stephenson
Vol. 25, No. 4 October / December 2009  Issue Select