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Cover Title: Diesel Timeline Part 2
Cover Subtitle: N&W History - Coal Line Connection / Modeling a Virginian H-3 Coal Car
On the Cover: N&W GP38AC #4102 and GP35 #222 swing through the curve at Birmingham, MO on 12/29/1982 with an auto train. These trains are pretty light and don't require the high-horsepower six-axle locomotives on the relatively low grades in the midwest. N&W GP38ACs and the GP35s are among the unit featured in Part 2 of Diesel Timeline.
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Diesel Timeline Part 2 - Robert G. Bowers
  Photo N&W SD40 #1590 and slug #9919 work at Lamberts Point (N&WHS Archives)
  Photo Alco RS-3s #2543 and #2544 are working nose to nose in Bellevue OH on 6/23/1971. This class represents the last and largest group of RS-3s that came to the N&W in 1964 as part of the Nickel Plate merger. (N&WHS Archives)
  Photo This Alco RS-3 #96 was renumbered #300 by the time this photo was taken in June 1967. It was one of the first four RS-3s delivered to the N&W in 1956. Note the round N&W herald present on the nose and under the cab windows in this scheme from the mid-1960's. (Bob Bowers collection)
  Photo One Alco S-1 from Nickel Plate was on N&W's roster after the 1964 merger. Nickel Plate #85 was renumbered to N&W #2085 in March 1967, was retired and traded in to GE in June 1970, and eventually was purchased by the Bath & Hammondsport. (N&WHS Archives)
  Photo A total of 40 Alco T-6 switchers served the railroad beginning when they were purchased in 1959. N&W #39 & #13 are shown working back to back in perfect weather in Portsmouth OH on 12/11/1977. (N&WHS Archives)
  Photo Alco RS-3 #306, formerly #93 is 13 years old at the time of this photograph on 8/29/1969. Wearing a fresh coat of paint, the unit looks almost as good as the first day it rolled out of the Alco shops. The RS-3 was the most popular first generation Alco road switcher, selling 1,265 units to U.S. customers. (Bob Bowers collection)
  Table Timeline of EMD GP35 -> Alco RS-11 units, color centerfold (Bob Bowers data, Kevin EuDaly layout)
  Photo The snowy hills, bare trees, and blue skies provide an excellent backdrop for this roster shot of N&W Alco RS-11 #355 at Mullen WV on the former Virginian in February 1976. This 40-unit series was the largest group of N&W RS-11s and were delivered in 1957. (Bob Bowers collection)
  Photo N&W Alco RS-11s #398 and #394 are at Canton OH in July 1974. They were among 24 RS-11s delivered in 1959 - the fourth consecutive year the N&W bought RS-11s. The RS-11 was a 12-cylinder 1,800 horsepower locomotive produced from February 1956 through May 1961. (Bob Bowers collection)
  Photo Alco RS-11 #340 and a trio of GP9s power a freight out of Montgomery Tunnel in Virginian. The RS-11s were rated at 1,800 horsepower while each Geep is adding 1,750 horsepower - Alco was trying to stay ahead in the horsepower race. Regardless of the additional 50 horsepower, EMD's Geep sales far outpaced Alco's token quantity of RS-11s produced. (Bob Bowers collection)
  Photo In 1958 twelve more Alco RS-11s came to N&W, numbered 356-376, following the 17 received in 1956 (308-324) and 40 that came on line in 1957 (325-364). Brewster OH is the location of #368 pictured on 7/21/1974. (Bob Bowers collection)
  Photo Captured at Adrian, MI in May 1966 is the railroad's only Alco HH660. Lettered for Wabash, No. 150 has served N&W two years at this point and will soon be renumbered #3150. There were only 43 HH660s built. (Bob Bowers collection)
  Photo The first 17 Alco RS-11s were put into service on N&W in 1956, and were numbered 308-324. #311 is at Detroit on 3/25/1979. (Bob Bowers collection)
N&W History - 40 Years Ago / Connecting Line Improved Coal Traffic - reprint Railway Age
The Virginian H-3 Coal Car - John Snidow
Vol. 25, No. 2 April / June 2009  Issue Select