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Cover Title: The Buchanan Branch, Part 4: The Levisa Extension
Cover Subtitle: T-6 Out the Windows, A tour at Dunlap, Running Trains by Remote Control
On the Cover: N&W GP30 #561 leads #556, Southern #3998, and N&W #1340 out of Levisa Branch Tunnel near Feds Creek, KY on 5/3/1988. The tunnel was completed in 1969 as part of a line relocation for the Fishtrap Lake.
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T-6 Out the Window - Skip Salmon
  Photo The Roanoke Chapter NRHS Alco T-6 #41 sits at Roanoke Shops during a recent open house. It has been repainted into the earliest N&W scheme - gold lettering, early N&W circular herald, and Norfolk and Western spelled out on the hood (Skip Salmon photo)
  Photo T-6 #28 appears in nearly the same scheme, this time with the newer N&W logo under the cab. It was photographed at Norfolk on 7/19/1970 (Kevin EuDaly collection)
  Photo T-6 #24 was photographed in Norfolk on 1/5/1981 wearing the large "NW" white lettering (Kevin EuDaly collection)
  Photo T-6 #46 also wears the large "NW" lettering, but the NW is located much higher on the hood than the photograph above. Upon viewing a number of photographs, these two photographs represent the extremes. Several others have the NW lettering in between these two heights. #46 was photographed in Norfolk on 9/23/1984. (Doug Boyd photo, Kevin EuDaly collection)
  Photo Yet another paint scheme variation has Norfolk and Western spelled out on the hood side with the small nose "NW" hearld, all in white. #39 was in Norfolk on 9/23/1984 (Doug Boyd photo, Kevin EuDaly collection)
The Buchanan Branch, Part 4: The Levisa Extension / N&W - C&O Battleground - James B. Blackstock; Charles "Bucky" H. Wilson, Jr.
  Photo N&W GP38 #4154 leads GP30 #549, GP35 #200, and GP38 #4132, with the Levisa No. 2 near Big Rock, VA on 12/8/1984 (Everett Young)
  Photo The C&O right-of-way marker that's still present at Mouthcard, KY, sits near milepost 7 on the N&W Levisa branchline on 9/23/2007 (Charles Wilson photo)
  Photo In this photograph, taken on 3/22/1946, the photographer is standing on the south side of Big Creek looking north up the Second Fork. The railroad line in the foreground is the N&W's Big Creek portion of the Levisa Extension running from Weller, Thomas, and Nigh to teh left (compass west) and on to the Feds Creek Coal Company on the right (east). (Everett Young collection)
  Map This map is form the 1936 N&W Coal and Coke Operations book and shows the Levisa line truncated at the VA-KY state line. T-102 is the Conoway Coal Corporation mine. (Charles H. Wilson, Jr., collection)
  Photo GP30 #1315 with #1348, Southern #2861 and N&W #231 shove along KY 194 at Nigh just past C&O milepost 20 on 11/3/1988 (Everett Young photo)
  Photo This view shows the D. J. B. Collieries of Feds Creek, often referenced on maps as Flanary. (Everett Young collection)
  Photo The Kentland-Elkhorn tipple in 6/1954 shows both C&O and N&W hoppers side by side. The rails in the foreground are the C&O line coming in from the right up the west side of the hollow. (C&O Photo, C&OHS collection)
  Photo This C&O document V-27 shows the C&O's Levisa subdivision from Millard to Nigh, its connection to the C&O mainline at Levisa Junction, and the connection to the N&W at Nigh. It was last revised on 11/19/1947. (C&OHS collection)
  Map This map from the 1960 N&W Coal and Coke Operations book shows the Levisa Branch Extension in KY to Dunlap and Biggs. Not the C&O line following Levisa Fork over from Millard. (Charles H. Wilson, Jr., collection)
  Photo The Feds Creek Coal Co. was photographed on 10/15/1945, complete with two N&W hoppers, one of which is #38531 (N&W photo, VPI collection)
  Map Map and track chart of Levisa Junction area (Kevin EuDaly / N&WHS)
  Photo N&W's Levisa No. 1 mine run pulls out of the spur from the Bane mine. This is former C&O trackage leased by N&W in Pike County, KY, and fell to the N&W after construction of Fishtrap Lake severed the original C&O line. 11/3/1988 (Everett Young photo)
  Photo After pulling out of the Bane spur, Levisa No. 1 will shove east. (Everett Young photo)
  Map This map from 1965 is from the N&W Coal and Coke operations and shows the Levisa Branch Extension in KY to Dunlap and Biggs. Note the C&O line is dashed and truncated at Fishtrap Lake. (Charles H. Wilson, Jr., collection)
  Photo Looking south, the inactive Kentland-Elkhorn Coal Company facilities at Dunlap where photographed on 5/7/1978, with the abandoned C&O connection crossing Second Fork in the foreground. The N&W tracks can be seen to the left of the Dunlap sign. (Everett Young photo)
  Photo N&W's Levisa 2 takes its 19 loads around the wye at Thomas, VA before backing the short distance into Weller yard on 12/9/1984 (Everett Young photo)
  Photo N&W SD40-2 #6201 with C30-7s #8037 and #8048 are working the Levisa 1 switch at United Coal Company's Wellmore No. 8 mine at Big Rock, VA on 11/1/1987. The trackage at the mine is within yard limits. (Everett Young photo)
  Table The N&W Stations and Sidings list from about 1950 shows the details of the Levisa Branch, including the Levisa Spur, which was C&O trackage. (Charles H. Wilson, Jr., collection)
  Photo It's all about coal, and here N&W GP38 #4118 leads #1306, #2916, #4126, and #4109 with 33 loads at Mouthcard, KY, heading to Weller Yard, VA on 2/4/1987 (Everett Young photo)
  Photo GE NS #3506 and two other units strain to pull loads out of Weller Yard past Thomas Wye, VA on 1/21/1992. Thomas Wye is where the Levisa Branch splits off the Buchanan Branch in extreme northwestern Virginia. (Everett Young photo)
  Photo Thomas Wye was photographed on 5/6/2006. The double track line courses off to the left around the curve about a mile back to Weller Yard. The line to the right is the beginning of the Levisa Extension to Dunlap and Biggs. (Charles H. Wilson, Jr., photo)
  Photo On 11/23/2007, Everett Young listens to the scanner at Thomas Wye to verify particulars of coal train out of Weller. "H-0" on the mile post marker marks beginning of Levisa Branch. (Charles H. Wilson, Jr., photo)
  Photo A coal drag of 110 loaded hoppers filled at the present Dunlap facility is pulling out of Weller through Thomas Wye past the take-off of the Levisa Extension on a beautiful September Sunday morning at 10:26AM on 11/23/2007, headed through Raitt Tunnel for Devon, led by #9935 and another Dash-9. (Charles H. Wilson, Jr., photo)
  Photo NS #8689 with shifter U68 is busy at work pulling loads from Wellmore No. 7 mine at Big Rock, VA, on 1/12/1992. Big Rock is about halfway from Thomas Wye to the Kentucky state line. (Everett Young photo)
  Photo NS #9206 and company are putting their train together after loading at the Big Creek Mining batchloader at Biggs, KY on 7/27/1998. What the railroad calls Biggs is right at the end of the Levisa Branch - the right-of-way ends beyond the mine at this location. The original town and post office of Biggs lie somewhat to the west. (Everett Young photo)
A Tour at Dunlap - Pat Ryan
  Photo Coal is loaded on these short cars which then bring the coal out of the mine. This view is of the drift mouth of the Feds Creek Coal Company. (Pat Ryan photo)
  Photo This view shows the Feds Creek tipple from up the Creek with plenty of N&W black hoppers ready for more coal. (Pat Ryan photo)
  Photo The C&O connection to the Kent-Elkhorn mine is visible coming in from the right in this view. The C&O Dunlap station sign appears just to the right of the N&W hopper car.  (Pat Ryan photo)
  Photo This view shows the east side of the Kent-Elkhorn mine. The tracks are to the right, not visible in this shot. (Pat Ryan photo)
  Photo A maintenance building at the bottom of the hill is adorned with this Fed Creek Coal Company sign. (Pat Ryan photo)
  Photo A mine worker walks along the right-of-way high up on the hillside at Feds Creek. Just beyond the conveyor a string of loads can be seen, while at the right empties have already dumped their cargo onto the conveyor to go down the mountainside for loading into N&W hoppers.  (Pat Ryan photo)
  Photo On the track at left is one of the motors used to haul the mine cars in and out of the mine at Feds Creek, while at the right is a long string of loads. The short two-axle carts and small nature of these "trains" allow for trackwork to be extremely rough, and important consideration in the hilly Appalachian Mountains. (Pat Ryan photo)
  Photo This unusual view looks down on the tipple at Feds Creek from up on the hillside above the conveyor. N&W hoppers sit to the right of the tipple waiting to be loaded. (Pat Ryan photo)
  Photo A mine office sits next to the right-of-way where mine motors haul coal out for dumping on conveyors that move it down to the tipple at Feds Creek. A motor sits on the track leading to a drift mouth. (Pat Ryan photo)
  Photo The company had spend $80,000 to stabilize this area of the mountainside, yet this still happened. The mainline is on the left and the track to the maintenance shop is on the right. (Pat Ryan photo)
  Photo To the left is the man trip track to get works up to the mine. (Pat Ryan photo)
Running Trains by Remote Control - reprint Norfolk & Western Magazine
  Photo Operator Bram Massie at the control panel of the centralized traffic control machine in the yard office at Weller Yard. This article appeared in the December 1940 issue of the Norfolk and Western Magazine. (colorized by Kevin EuDaly)
  Photo The evening shifter is backing past the CTC signal near Home Creek. The engine has just caused the signal governing the track over which it is running to go to stop position. (N&W photo)
  Photo Signal supervisor C. G. Harris is getting permission of the CTC operator for the movement of the motor car through Raitt Tunnel. Assistant signal supervisor Karlett is seated on the car. (N&W photo)
  Photo Signal supervisor C. G. Harris and signal inspector F. L Turner discuss the operation of the CTC code transmitter-receiver shown in the the lower right part of the instrument case located near Home Creek. (N&W photo)
  Photo This is the call light that the CTC operator uses in summoning the signal maintainer. In the distance is Raitt Tunnel. (N&W photo)
  Photo The classic color position light signals at Vaughn, WV display a proceed indication for the westbound main on 11/4/2006. (Kevin EuDaly photo)
Nuggest From the Archives: Diversity - Gordon Hamilton
Color Correction - Kevin EuDaly
  Photo N&W J #605 at Blue Ridge (Bill Ray photo)
Vol. 23, No. 4 October / December 2007  Issue Select