Vol. 22, No. 6 November / December 2006  Issue Select 
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Cover Title: T vs J
Cover Subtitle: The day the Pennsy came to Roanoke, and why
On the Cover: The Pennsylvania Railroad's Class T1 and the N&W's Class J were compared in testing in June 1948.
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T vs J - The Day the Pennsy came to N&W / ...and why - David R. Stephenson
  Photo Builders Photo of the Pennsylvania Railroad's Class T-1 No. 5511, the locomotive used in the tests on the N&W. (Chuck Blardone, PRR Technical & Historical Society)
  Chart Speed-distance diagram of PRR T1 and N&W J during tests running eastbound between Poe and Suffolk, VA (David R Stephenson from test data)
  Chart Operating cost comparison showing coal and water costs per drawbar horsepower for the N&W J and the PRR T1 over a range of average speeds (David R Stephenson from test data)
  Photo In a similar arrangement to the 604 for the 1945 tests on Christiansburg Mountain and the 1948 tests from Poe to Suffolk, Class J 602 is ready for road tests with dynamometer car 514780 on July 20, 1945 in Roanoke. (N&W Photo / K. L. Miller Collection)
  Photo There are only three photos known of PRR T1 5511 taken during the tests. One is an amateur photo published in the July, 1948 N&W Magazine, and is of insufficient quality to republish. The other two are show here. Above, the engine is just about to cross Jefferson Street on its way to pick up the test train near Roanoke station. Below, 5511 is coupled to its train and ready to depart. (O.H. Borsum Photos provided by Chuck Blardone, PRR Technical & Historical Society)
  Photo On July 18, 1956, eastbound 604 with The Pocahontas passes a location just east of Elliston where the test runs up Christiansburg Mountain started. (N&W Photo / K. L. Miller Collection)
  Photo Sister T1 No. 5548 chews up the mileage near Lewistown, PA. Imagine what N&W fans must have thought when they saw one of THESE babies heading through the normally J-populated Virginia countryside! (D. Carleton Rail Books)
  Photo 5511's short life is over, and it's in storage awaiting disposition at East Altoona, Pa.... (courtesy D. Carleton Rail Books)
  Chart Fig 3. Drawbar Pull and Drawbar Horsepower Curves, N&W 611 and PRR 5511 (N&WHS Archives)
  Table Table 2, PRR T1: Christiansburg Hill, stall just west of Elliston (author's data and calculations)
  Chart Figure 4, PRR T1 (1440 tons) vs N&W J (1758 tons) (author's data and calculations)
  Table Table 3, Test performance trend for T1, Elliston to Christiansburg, 7 runs with 1002 tons ("Test report Table 9")
  Table Table 4, Test performance trend for T1, Elliston to Christiansburg, 6 runs with 1220 tons ("Test Report Table 9")
The Roanoke Passenger Station: 4 / The final chapter in the history of this N&W landmark - Ron Davis
  Photo The concourse of the new Roanoke passenger station, with its distinctive logo imprinted on the floor. We can see a bit of the news stand on the left; the concourse over the tracks is straight ahead. (N&W Photo/N&WHS Archives Collection)
  Drawing The track level floorplan for the final incarnation of the Roanoke Passenger Station. (N&WHS Archives Collection)
  Drawing The street-level floor plan shows the layout of the waiting room and concourse for the 1949 rebuild. (N&WHS Archives Collection)
  Photo On April 5, 1948 demolition of the front porch and removal of window trim is nearly complete. (N&W Photo/N&WHS Archives Collection)
  Photo April 1948 view of the rear of the station from the Randolph Street Bridge. We can see steel for the new concorse being erected... (N&WHS Archives)
  Photo The new concourse, stairs and platform canopies take form in this May 22, 1948 photo. The new escalators will be located under the concourse.  (N&WHS Archives)
  Photo Station Construction as seen from the Motive Power Building with Randolph Street bridge in foreground. (N&WHS Archives)
  Photo Trainboard in station in 1948 with 25 scheduled trains each day (N&WHS Archives)
  Photo Photo of interior of station showing entrance to staircases and escalators down to platforms (N&WHS Archives)
  Photo photo of models of N&W trains old and new, on display in the station waiting room (N&WHS Archives)
  Photo Loewy's station design was sleek and modern (for 1949) as this photo of the baggage claim area shows (N&WHS Archives)
  Photo Steam still rules the N&W and the station is clogged with business in the mid 1950s as a J-Class steam locomotive pulls one of the Southern Railway's through passenger trains into the Roanoke Station. (N&WHS Archives)
A Roanoke Station Memory / Two amazing days in the life of a boy who loved trains - Toney Minter
Friends of the Virginian at Milepost 2006 / An affair to remember for Virginian fans - Skip Salmon
  Photo Friends of the Virginian, from left: Landon Gregory, Russell McDaniel, Greely Wyatt, Dewey Houk, Rufus Wingfield, and "Slick" Inge. (Skip Salmon)
Vol. 22, No. 6 November / December 2006  Issue Select