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Cover Subtitle: Full Coverage of our 2006 Convention!
On the Cover: Looking every bit as if he belongs there, N&WHS member Lewis "Bud" Jeffries sits in the cab of Class M No. 475 at the Strasburg Rail Road in Pennsylvania, site of our 2006 convention. Mr. Jeffries, author of "N&W: Giant of Steam", the new, revised edition of which is presently available from the Society Commissary, compliments our convention coverage with a complete history of the Class M locomotives in this edition of The Arrow.
Articles In This Issue
Return to Steam! / Full coverage of our 2006 Convention - Charles "Bucky" H. Wilson, Jr.
  Photo 475 struts her stuff in a show of cinders and steam (Todd Arnett)
  Photo No. 475 and No. 89 steam it up side-by-side at Strasburg to the delight of everyone. Even diesel lovers were caught in an occasional smile! (Charles H. Willson, Jr.)
  Photo No birthday celebration is complete without a birthday cake... so at our 2006 convetion, host Rick Musser (left) arranged for one! He, along with Vice President Charles Wilson, Jr., display a cake honoring N&W Class M locomotive 475 on its 100th year of existence! The complete story of fanastic 2006 convertion begins on page 4.
  Photo Our annual "Roster Shot" of the 2006 convention attendees. (Bill McClure)
  Map Strasburg Railroad "The Road to Paradise" Founded 1832
  Photo The Amish at work... forsaking all modern-day conveniences, while Strasburg's Decapod No. 90 goes about her business. (Charles H. Willson, Jr.)
  Photo Host Rick Musser explains some of the procedures in the Strasburg machine shop for convention attendees. (Charles H. Willson, Jr.)
  Photo This beautiful wooden combine is presently undergoing restoration at Strasburg. (Charles H. Willson, Jr.)
  Photo Convention Host Rick Musser takes car of business on the mixed train, a special run expressly for N&WHS members. We couldn't have asked for a more gracious or accommodating host. (Clint Smoke)
  Photo 475 passes the stunningly attractive switch tower at Strasburg. (Charles H. Willson, Jr.)
  Photo One of the attractions of the Strasburg Railroad is Car #10, a business car dating back to the early 1900s. Built for Reading Railroad president George F. Baer, the car remained in service until 1960. This car may have been used by Harry Truman during his famous whistle stop tour in 1948. The car, richly appointed in solid mahogany and maple, contains an observation (living) room, dinig room, four state rooms, and a service area including a kitchen. (Clint Smoke)
  Photo N&WHS Chairman of the Board Gordon Hamilton (left) presents the Precision Transportation Award, our highest honor, to Lewis "Bud" Jeffries, author of N&W: Giant Of Steam (Clint Smoke)
The Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania / A history of an amazing facility -
How the 475 became the star of Strasburg / The back story of how this wonderful locomotive was saved - Charles "Bucky" H. Wilson, Jr.
  Photo Rick Musser (2nd from left) and N&WHS President Bill McClure (on the right) pose with the engine crew of Class M 475, the last operating original N&W steam locomotive in existence.
A History of N&W's Class M Locomotives / Over 200 where built, two remain - Col. Lewis "Bud" I. Jeffries
  Photo The Class I 2-8-0 No. 117 was the first Roanoke Machine Works product. (N&WHS Archives Collection)
  Photo The N&W Class T 2-8-0. (N&WHS Archives Collection)
  Photo Class M No. 495 was typical of her class; she was built by Baldwin Locomotive Works. (N&WHS Archives Collection)
  Photo When still heavier power was needed, the N&W turned to the Class M-2... truly the monsters of the 4-8-0 class. No. 1115, pictured here, displays its brutish lines. (N&WHS Archives Collection)
  Photo Class M No. 477 awits its next assignment. (N&WHS Archives Collection)
  Photo The M-2 No. 1112 became one of two experimental versions built to see if availability could be increasesd. They were off the roster by 1953. (N&WHS Archives Collection)
  Photo The famed Class M triple-header putting on their show for the NRHS in 1957. It was a last great hurrah for an outstanding class! (N&WHS Archives Collection)
  Photo Class M No. 433 is on display at the entrance to the Virginia Creeper Trail in Abindon, VA. (N&WHS Archives Collection)
  Chart A Tribute to the Last M's in Service, The last 15 Class M's listed in the order that they were retired:
  Chart Locomotives and the Volume of Coal Traffic
Our Convention Modeling Contest Winners / Sharp work by our members! - Russ Goodwin
  Photo Category: Diesel/Electric, Winner: Rudy Garbely, N&W SD40-2 (Bill McClure)
  Photo Category: NS Locomotive, Winner: Todd Arnett, NS C40-9W (Bill McClure)
  Photo Category: Steam Locomotive, Winner: Rick Eads, N&W 0-8-0 (Bill McClure)
  Photo Category: Coal Car, Winner: Gary Price, N&W H34 Hopper (Bill McClure)
  Photo Category: Freight Car, Winner: Roger Nutting, N&W G5 Gondola (Bill McClure)
  Photo Category: Virginia, Winner: John Munson, VGN H14 Coal Hopper (Bill McClure)
  Photo Category: Passenger Car, Winner: Jim Nichols, N&W PM Coach (Bill McClure)
  Photo Category: Structure, Winner: David Robinette, N&W Station Tazewell, VA (Bill McClure)
  Photo Category: Diorama/Display, Winner: Nathan Robinette, Denniston Coaling Station (Bill McClure)
  Photo Category: What If?, Winner: Nathan Robinette, N&W BL2 Diesel (Bill McClure)
Nuggets from the Archives / "Puzzle Switches" - Gordon Hamilton
  Photo A close-up view of double slip "puzzle switches." (Wayne Roderick Collection)
  Map North Roanoke Yard after the 1961 expansion. (N&W Railway / N&WHS Archives Collection)
  Drawing Roanoke Machine Works yard switches - April 5, 1883 (N&W Railway / N&WHS Archives Collection)
  Photo Stub switch in the Quebec City yard of Quebec Railway Light and Power (Canadian National) August 30, 1957. Not electric locomotive in the distance (Gordon Hamilton Collection)
  Drawing An early Plan of Roanoke Machine Works. (N&W Railway / N&WHS Archives Collection)
Vol. 22, No. 5 September / October 2006  Issue Select