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Cover Title: Streamliner No More
Cover Subtitle: The Class J's in Freight Service
On the Cover: Class J No. 601, the second ever built for her class, is shown at Lamberts Point not with a sleek passenger consist, but with a doghouse and an auxilliary tender, necessary for her current end-of-days duties: hauling local freights.
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Streamliner No More / N&W's Class J's in Freight Service - Louis M. Newton
  Photo Class J No. 610 hauls a local freight between Norfolk and Petersburg near Disputanta, VA in December, 1958. The sleek beauties served in freight server over much of the system before Stauart Saunders declared "no more steam on my railroad!" (Harry Bundy)
  Timetable For Those who thought the N&W wasn't serious about using the J's in freight service, and that they were only running out hte last of the serviceable miles, note the entries from the employee timetable of 1958. This shows that, at least originally, their use as freight engines was important enought to include their tonnage ratings and weather restrictions in the timetables. They were also listed in the timetables for Roanoke to Crewe, and Roanoke to Petersburg. (N&WHS Archives Colleciton)
  Photo Eastbound at New Bohemia, VA, the very first J, No. 600, is now hauling freight after racking up more than 2 million miles moving passengers. The date is August 29, 1958. For many, it was a sad sight; for the N&W, it meant find continued use for locomotives that were still in great operating condition. (Harry Bundy)
  Photo J 612 hauls 13 freight cars and a caboose on May 2, 1958. Apprently, that "black smoe is waste" thing no longer applices. The train is westbound at Farmville, VA. The 612 went to scrap in August, 1959. (N&WHS Archives Colleciton)
The Roanoke Passenger Station III / The 1917 Rebuild - Ron Davis
  Map 1919 Sanborn Map showing the passageway from Salem Ave. The street on the left is Nelson St. Randolph St. leads to the steel brridge in the upper right. (Sanborn Map Company)
  Photo View of the Salem Avenue entrance to the station. Street view with numerous period automobiles (Historical Society of Western Virginia)
  Photo Class E2b #551 waits below the rear porch and walkway from the Randolph St Bridge. Note how much of the rear porch is still open (Digital Library and Archives, VPI&SU)
  Photo Later view of the rear of the station. Note that the walkway from the Randoph Street Bridge has been removed and a larger portion of the rear porch has been enclosed. (James Gillum collection)
  Photo A gray, snowy day on December 17, 1932. Note the end of second floor of the station is now even with the Express Department below. Compare this with the January/February 2006 Arrow cover photo. (Digital Library and Archives, VPI&SU)
  Photo Aerial view showing the passageway crossing the tracks and Norfolk Ave and passing throught the block to the entrance on Salem Ave. The Hotel Roanoke and Roanoke Auditorium are in the back. (Digital Library and Archives, VPI&SU)
  Photo View looking west from the East End Shops smokestack.  (Historical Society of Western Virginia)
  Photo View of the passageway crossing the track and Norfolk Ave. (di)
  Photo View of the passageway crossing the track and Norfolk Ave. (Digital Library and Archives, VPI&SU)
  Photo View looking east from the Jefforson Street Crossing. Shenandoah Ave is behind the wall on the left and Norfolk Ave is behind the fence on the right. note semaphores on bridge (Digital Library and Archives, VPI&SU)
  Photo View from Randolph St Bridge showing the passageway from Salem Ave, the enlarged concourse, and the partially enclosed rear porch. (Digital Library and Archives, VPI&SU)
N&W's EMD-Built SD40-2's, Part 2 / How to model them accurately - Russ Goodwin
  Photo The SD40-2 as produced by Overland Models. Ditch lights added from Detail Associates. (author)
  Table manufacturers model numbers for HO scale units and their relation to N&W orders (author)
  Table Production order spotting features (author)
  Photo numerous photos of various manufacturers models (various)
  Table Parts grid, N&W/NS SD40-2s List of detail parts and their suitability for various versions of the model (author)
M_Day: THe VGN-N&W Merger... / ...from the VGN Brethren's Point of View - Skip Salmon
  Map Map of the merged N&W / Virginian railway (ad run by N&W)
Wreck on the Mountain / A Sad day on the Virginian - Mason Y. Cooper
  Photo photo of wreck with 212 on top of electric 103 (not specified)
  Map topographic map of area of wreck near Engleside (not specified)
Vol. 22, No. 3 May / June 2006  Issue Select