Vol. 21, No. 6 November / December 2005  Issue Select 
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Cover Title: Floating Locomotives
Cover Subtitle: N&W in the Military Railway Service: The Sequel
On the Cover: The brand new Virginian Railway tugboat, W. R. Coe, struts her stuff in 1957 at the Virginian's Sewell Point coal piers in Norfolk, Virginia. the photo graces the Virginian annual report cover.
Articles In This Issue
N&W obtains first diesel powered wreck car - Unknown Unknown
  Photo photo of industrial brownhoist crane lifting front of a Y6 locomotive (Norfolk and Western Magazine)
Pulaski Reflections - John A. Carnahan
Floating Locomotives / Tugs far from the Tug River, first of 2 parts - Gordon Hamilton
  Photo The tugboat W. R. Coe undergoing sea trials in Nwy York Harbor, 1957 (not specified)
  Drawing Plan and elevation drawings of the Coe (N&WHS Archives)
  Photo The W. R. Coe's engine. Cleveland Diesel 16-278A engine (N&WHS Archives)
  Photo The former Virginian Railway's W. R. Coe after the December 1959 merger with the Norfolk and Western Railway. she has been repainted and renamed the R. B. Claytor. (Steve Gibson Photo)
  Photo Photos of the Coe in service in Boston Harbor for the Boston Towing and Transportation Company after being renamed Ethel Tibbetts (Boston Towing and Transportation Company)
N&W in the Military Railway Service / The Sequel - Frank Gibson
  Photo Cylinder overhaul 755th RSB, Namur, Belgium in November 1944. In the first five months of the 755th duty in Belgium, 36 locomotive had cylingers welded... (Unit file, Mar 7 1945.)
  Table 755th RSB assignments within (Europe during WW II) (author's research)
Modeling the N&W: 1 / Upgrading the BLI H2a Hopper - Bob Chapman
  Photo N&W H2a #19345 upgraded from the Broadway Limited Imports ready to run HO model (author)
  Photo H2a #19321 builders photo, 1949, Virginia Bridge and Iron (Andrew Dow)
  Photo The BLI N&W H2a before modifications, not incorrectly sized and located lettering, misaligned corner grabs, and high riding carbody (author)
  Photo upgraded BLI model before painting. Note the carbody has been lowered, and grabs relocated (author)
  Photo Prototype H2a Interior; note toe clips, endsheet grab, and I-beam side braces, all missing from the BLI model (Andrew Dow)
  Photo the upgraded model interior (author)
  Photo Before and After; The upgraded model is on the left. Note improved lettering, realigned grabs, lowered carbody, and uncoupling levers (author)
Modeling the N&W: 2 / Improving the Rivarossi Y6b - Kurt Kramke
  Photo multiple photos of steps in remotoring, adding detail parts to HO model (author)
Model Review / Lifelike's Y3 steam locomotive - August Thieme
  Photo two photos of model, one side view, one top view (unknown)
  Photo Y3 No. 2007 in Roanoke, VA. prototype photo, taken at ground level, front view (Joseph Lavelle Photo)
Book Review: 1 / The End of Steam, book written by William Petitjean - David R. Stephenson
Book Review: 2 / Gary Hollow: A history of the largest coal mining operation in the world, book by Alex Schust - Jarrell Greever
Column: Nuggets from the Archives / Electrification Clarification! - Gordon Hamilton
  Photo Shop casting of concrete base on catenary poles. Shows steel reinforcing and concrete forms (Jeff Sanders collection)
  Photo concrete forms around base of catenary poles. Several Virginian hopper cars visible in background, 1924 time period (Jeff Sanders collection)
Vol. 21, No. 6 November / December 2005  Issue Select