Vol. 21, No. 3 May / June 2005  Issue Select 
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Cover Title: The Making of a Railfan I:
Cover Subtitle: Austinville and the coming of the railroad
On the Cover: A classic late 1940's scene: a yard crew with Class M No. 477 in Pulaski, VA. The Kegley Brothers are on the ground with an unidentified brakeman with brake stick, Engineer Compton on the engine, and an unidentified Fireman.
Articles In This Issue
Making of a Railfan Part 1 / Austinville and the Coming of the Railroad - Doug Midkiff
  Sidebar About the Author, author's biography discussing his 62 years spent in the transportation industry, including 27 years with Eastman in Kingsport. (author)
  Photo Looking east at the Bottom, 1924-25. Glalax branch and coal trestle (author)
  Photo View of the "bottom" in 1999. The railroad and buildings are gone. (author)
  Photo Class G No 5 at Austinville (Tommy Duncan collection)
  Photo Austinville Station in 1935. A section crew is working on the lead track into the "bottom".  (author)
  Photo A closer view of the Austinville station (N&W Photo/ VPI&SU collection)
  Photo Train 48, Austinville's passenger service, approaches the Ivanhoe Bridge over the New River (author)
  Photo John and Lucille Duncan, C. 1950s. He was the agent at Austinville who became a mentor to the author (Jeannie Duncan)
  Photo Pulaski Freight station in the early 1950's. end view with sign. period cars and pickup truck in view (ad run by N&W)
  Photo Planning for a Better Service Club meeting at the freight station in Pulaski. 6 persons in photo, identified (author)
N&W Freight Car Roster: 1954 / Part 19 of a continuing series - James F. Brewer
  Table a 13 column table extending over 4 pages listing each class of freight car on the roster in 1954 (author's research)
Tales of the Iron Road, Part II - Skip Salmon
Nuggets from the Archives / SUVs and the 607 - Gordon Hamilton
  Photo Just as Odysseus' spear blinded the mythical Cyclops, a broken rail blinded this Cyclops of the rails. shows front view of loco lying on its side. This derailment occurred when the train attempted to go through a 25mph crossover at about 77mph after the crew apparently missed an approach signal. (N&WHS Archives)
  Photo The 607's tender left its trucks behind as it slid some 600 feet on its side (N&WHS Archives)
  Photo The tightlock couplers on the Powhatan Arrow's lightweight cars helped keep the cars coupled and in line after they derailed at 77 mph (N&WHS Archives)
The Tennessean / N&W Dining and Lounge Cars - James Nichols
  Photo One of the first N&W dining cars was converted from this beautiful wooden coach, Class PD. No. 178 retained its 6 wheel trucks when converted back to coach status around 1915. (Jim Nichols collection)
  Photo The interior of the Class DE heavyweight diner, air-conditioned and redecorated for the Pocahontas in 1934. (Jim Nichols collection)
  Photo This DE diner was air-conditioned and converted to a diner-lounge for service on the Cavalier (Jim Nichols collection)
Model Review / N&W B4/B4a Round Roof Boxcar kit from Pocahontas Models - Jim Cochran
  Photo Appliance arrangement on underbody of Pocahontas Models kit (author)
Vol. 21, No. 3 May / June 2005  Issue Select