Vol. 21, No. 1 January / February 2005  Issue Select 
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Cover Title: The Archives Story: A Legacy in Process
Cover Subtitle: Over the course of a decade, a dream became an idea, then a reality
On the Cover: The jewel in the crown of the Society, the one asset that gives it a dimension so rare among its peers, and one that will sustain the programs of the Society not just for years, but for generations, is the Archives collection, presently house in this facility at 2101 Salem Avenue SW, Roanoke, Virginia, with additional storage space in two adjacent leased spaces. Jim Gillum tells the story of the development of the Archives from a dream to a reality beginning on page 3.
Articles In This Issue
The Archives Story / A Growing Legacy - James N. Gillum
  Photo Train board from Bluefield showing passenger trains in May 1971 (N&WHS Archives)
  Photo rolled drawings and storage cabinet illustrating how mechanical drawings are stored (N&WHS Archives)
  Photo one of five lighted showcases filled with artifacts (N&WHS Archives)
  Photo Microfilm storage and microfilm reader (N&WHS Archives)
  Photo miscellaneous books and papers on steel shelving in the archives. includes over 4000 authorization for expenditures files and financial ledgers from the two roads that became the Virgianian as we knew it. (N&WHS Archives)
  Photo shelving filled with binders and other material. the archives has 60 pallets of materials received from Norfolk Southern in 1999 (N&WHS Archives)
  Photo full-format scanner and large format printer (N&WHS Archives)
Variations In The Key Of J / Exploring the Distinctive J Sound, Class J whistle - David R. Stephenson
  Photo Recent photo of the original 611 whistle, manufactured by the Hancock Valve Division of the Maxwell & Moore company of Bridgeport, CN (Preston Claytor)
  Photo Another angle of a J whistle, courtesy of Tim Hensley (Tim Hensley)
Railroading eBay Style / Or How to Find That Special Item - Gary Price
  Photo N&W lantern made by Armspear in 1886 (James Gillum collection)
  Photo 2132 southbound at Waynesboro on June 12, 1956 from a negative purchased on ebay (photographer unknown)
The Collett Report of 1882 / A Look At The Early N&W, an reprint of an early report - Ron Davis
  Photo The New River Extension of the N&W seen on the right in this period photo, joined the main line west of Radford, Virginia. The connection was later moved to Walton, Virginia, after completion of the Pepper Tunnel in 1900. (N&W Photo/ VPI&SU collection)
  Photo N&W 4-4-0 #95 was built in 1883 by Baldwin as a five foot gauge locomotive. (N&W Photo/ VPI&SU collection)
  Photo an early iron furnace fueled with charcoal. The discovery of coal in Appalachia enabled larger furnaces (N&W Photo/ VPI&SU collection)
  Photo Drawing of Shenandoah Iron Works, an example of a large furnace made possible by the discovery of coal in Appalachia and the coming of railroads to carry it. (N&W Photo/ VPI&SU collection)
Modeling A Maintenance-Of-Way Train: Part 1 / Virginian Material Cars - Bill McClure
  Photo Virginian Material Car 90345, built in 1905 by Barney & Smith Car Co as flat car # 231 (August Thieme)
  Drawing flat car, Miscellaneous equipment (Bill McClure)
  Table Class F cars (author)
  Photo models of VGN 90311 and 30345 (author)
  Photo the other side of VGN 90345 seen in Princeton on July 23, 1952 (author)
Vol. 21, No. 1 January / February 2005  Issue Select