Vol. 20, No. 3 May / June 2004  Issue Select 
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Cover Title: Our Clinch Valley Series Continues: Touring the Clinch
Cover Subtitle: your railfanning guide to Roanoke
On the Cover: A westbound empty hopper train lead by SD-35 No. 1563 holds at the Ramsey waiting track space at the Norton Yard on April 22, 1980. Norton was the end point of the Clinch Valley Line, and Part Two of our story on this most active of N&W branch lines begins on page 4.
Articles In This Issue
Touring the Clinch Valley Line / second in a series - Charles "Bucky" H. Wilson, Jr.; Paul Mandelkern
  Photo SD35 #1519 takes an eastbound freight past the St Paul station in May 1966 (Ron Flanary)
  Photo Class Y6b #2181 Powers a freight extra over a trestle on the Clinch Valley line in 1953 (N&WHS Archives)
  Map Clinch Valley District map, Norton to Bluefield from the Pocahontas Division Employee Timetable No 6 effective 5/1/75 (Employee timetables)
  Photo Three RS-11s and a GP9 lead by #343 power a loaded coal train over a high trestle in 1959 (N&WHS Archives)
  Photo GP9 #743 leads a freight at Cedar Bluff in 1981 (N&WHS Archives)
  Photo 1931 photo of east end of Norton Yard looking east (Westmoreland Collection, Hagley Museum and Library)
  Photo West end of the Norton Yard looking east in the diesel era (N&WHS Archives)
  Photo Norton Yard circa 1940 looking west (Joe Fawbush Collection)
  Photo Kennedy Coal Corp tipple at Swords Creek in the 1930s (N&W Photo/ VPI&SU collection)
  Photo Old Dominion Ice Corp warehouse west of Norton Yard on N&W spur track (Joe Fawbush Collection)
  Photo A modern coal loader in Tacoma in 1998 (Dan Bourque)
  Photo Norton Coal Co tipple at norton in 1931 (N&W Photo/ VPI&SU collection)
  Photo Kelly Coal Corp tipple at Tacoma circa 1930 (N&W Photo/ VPI&SU collection)
  Photo On April 22 1980 brake shoe smoke envelopes the caboose of an eastbound shifter crossing one of the high trestles at Bull Run near Virginia City on the Clinch Valley Line (Ron Flanary)
Railfanning in Roanoke / a helpful guide for our 2004 convention - Jon Boetcher
  Photo #9290 a D9-40C, leads a Double South over Franklin Road in 2003 (Jon Boetcher)
  Photo East End Shops complex (Jon Boetcher)
  Photo unidentified brick structure (Jon Boetcher)
  Photo Walnut Ave tower and bridge (Jon Boetcher)
  Photo Motive Power Building in 2004 (Jon Boetcher)
  Photo Park Street Yard office (Jon Boetcher)
  Photo Randolph Street Tower and Grey Ghost at head of an office car special (Jon Boetcher)
  Photo Hotel Roanoke and peanut soup (Jon Boetcher)
  Photo Stone Printing Company and General Office building, GOB (Jon Boetcher)
  Photo front of GOB south (Jon Boetcher)
N&W Freight Roster, 1952 / part 17 in a series - James F. Brewer
  Table Freight cars, 13 column table listing original class, type, road number, capacity, original build date, rebuild date, light weight, kind of wheels and other information (author's research)
  Photo Side and end view of Class B-8 #44296, PS-1 from Pullman Standard (N&WHS Archives)
Department: Nuggets from the Archives, crown sheets / All about crown sheets, part 2 - Gordon Hamilton
  Photo Boilermakers using a template to center punch hole location on a firebox sheet in the old Boiler Shop. date about 1922 (N&WHS Archives)
  Photo boilermakers using radial drills to drill holes in firebox sheet. 1925 (N&W Photo/ VPI&SU collection)
  Photo Boilermakers rolling a one piece firebox and combustion chamber. date about 1924 (N&WHS Archives)
  Photo Complete all welded firebox, date about 1929 (N&WHS Archives)
  Photo A welded firebox being lowered into an inverted wrapper sheet and its attached boiler. (N&WHS Archives)
  Map Roanoke Shop Complex 1956 (N&WHS Archives)
Department: The Virginian Local / An apology and a caboose - Tom Salmon
  Photo An unnumbered class C-1 Virginian caboose serves as a backdrop for four crewmen at Page, WV circa 1912 (author's collection)
Department: Product Review / O. Winston Link CD Set, Sounds of Steam Railroading, Vols 1-6 - David R. Stephenson
  Photo Sounds of Steam Railroading Vols 1-6 (author)
Department: The Tennessean / Modeling the boat-tails in HO - James Nichols
  Photo HO model of observation car for Powhatan Arrow (author)
  Photo the IHC carbody before work began (author)
  Photo replacement sides being assembled (author)
  Photo prototype photo of N&W 582 at Roanoke (N&WHS Archives)
Vol. 20, No. 3 May / June 2004  Issue Select