Vol. 20, No. 2 March / April 2004  Issue Select 
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Cover Title: The Clinch Valley Line
Cover Subtitle: A young boy's best day in Welch,WV...see back page
On the Cover: While pretending to be an engineer of the spruced-up Class M, a young boy gets his picture taken by his Dad... and gets a special treat as J 605 with the westbound Cavalier pulls up right alongside.
Articles In This Issue
The Clinch Valley Line / The N&W from Bluefield to Norton: Part 1 - Charles "Bucky" H. Wilson, Jr.; Paul Mandelkern
  Photo N&W rebuilt Y4 #2086 pulls a westbound hopper train across Bull Run Trestle at Dwina, VA on the Clinch Valley Line in the mid 1950s (N&WHS Archives)
  Map Clinch Valley Line and Pocahontas District (N&WHS Archives)
  Photo Grasham Junction as it Appeared around 1930 (N&W Photo/ VPI&SU collection)
  Photo Passenger train at station in Tazewell with crowd and vintage autos, date probably early 1920s (N&W Photo/ VPI&SU collection)
  Photo Red Ash Coal company, Raven, VA, around 1930 (not specified)
  Photo Station at Swords Creek, typical of those along line. Frame structure with train order signal in front (N&W Photo/ VPI&SU collection)
  Photo Y6 #2131 blasts through Bailey, VA with train of empty hoppers. June 30, 1947 (N&WHS Archives)
  Photo Y6 #2131 blasts through Bailey, VA with train of empty hoppers. June 30, 1947 (N&WHS Archives)
  Photo Class Z1b #1481 pulls a rare passenger assignment in the summer of 1951. Train stopped at Norton station. (N&WHS Archives)
  Table Interchange of passengers and freight with L&N, 1891 and 1892 (author)
  Photo Norton - Bluefield passenger local with E-2a #578 and 2 baggage (or RPO) and 2 coaches (N&WHS Archives)
  Photo May 9, 1958, #578 on Bull Run Trestle with Norton Local. Train was not turned at Norton, so 2 coaches lead 2 head end cars (N&WHS Archives)
McDowell Memories / Remembering Northfork, WV in the 50's - David R. Stephenson
  Photo Pocahontas Coal Co. tipple in Crumpler, WV (N&W Photo/ VPI&SU collection)
  Photo In downtown Northfork, WV, the N&W main line was up close and personal. Electrified tracks with stores along street. (N&W Photo/ VPI&SU collection)
Disappearing Diesels of the N&W / Roster of the few original units remaining as of Jan 2004 - Robert G. Bowers
  Table Original N&W Diesel Locomotives in service on 1/1/04 Table listing road number, year built, builder, model, axles and horsepower (author's research)
Department: Nuggets from the Archives / All About Crown Sheets, first of 2 parts, - Gordon Hamilton
  Drawing Three cross sections through a N&W steam locomotive (1947 Locomotive Cyclopedia)
  Drawing Examples of rigid and flexible staybolts.  (1947 Locomotive Cyclopedia)
  Photo photo of wrecked D&RGW #3703 after crown sheet failure (R. Kindig photo)
  Drawing N&W drawing D18285 dated1917 showing application of the N&W designed Sentinel low water alarm as applied to a class X1 0-8-8-0 steam locomotive (N&WHS Archives)
  Drawing Application arrangement of Nathan Low Water Alarm Type B, showing its lineage with the N&W home designed Sentinel low water alarm (1947 Locomotive Cyclopedia)
  Drawing Crown sheet and firebox side sheet for Y6b steam locomotives Nos 2195-2200. Shows location of holes for staybolts and Security Circulators (N&WHS Archives)
  Drawing Numbering of staybolts for class Y6b locos 2195-2200.  (N&WHS Archives)
Department: The Tennessean / Passenger Car Interiors, summarizes colors, materials, finishes, decorations, etc. in passenger cars from the wood car era until the end of passenger service - James Nichols
Department: The Virginian Local / A Salute to a Virginian Man, Bob Burnside of Page, WV - Tom Salmon
  Photo Page shop with 3 open doors, locos inside but too dark to make out any details, figure by one door (author's collection)
  Sidebar NOTE correction in next issue indicating that Mr Burnside is not deceased (next issue Virginian Local article)
Department: N-Scale News / N&W B-8 Boxcars, review of Micro Trains model and modification of door - Frank Gibson
A Young Boy's best Day in Welch, WV / Welch in the 50s and a dolled up Class M - Steve Hutchinson
  Photo Class M #475 and Class J #605 in Wech (author's collection)
  Photo Rear of train as it pulls away from station stop (author's collection)
Vol. 20, No. 2 March / April 2004  Issue Select