Vol. 20, No. 1 January / February 2004  Issue Select 
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Cover Title: Elkhorn Tunnel -- The Sequel!
Cover Subtitle: The Maybeury Trestles and Westward
On the Cover: Y-4 No. 2082 pulls a time freight eastbound upgrade toward Coaldale. The engine is on Bridge 860, the second of three trestles between Maybuery and Elkhorn Tunnel. In our followup story on the old Elkhorn Tunnel, we learn about the Maybuery Bridges... and find their remnants!
Articles In This Issue
Elkhorn Tunnel: the Sequel / Maybeury Trestles and westward - Charles "Bucky" H. Wilson, Jr.
  Photo Time freight No. 99 is westbound rolling downgrade at Switchback on June 12, 1930. The rear of the train is on Bridge 861 with the Maybeury Trestle out of sight in the distance. (N&W Photo/ VPI&SU collection)
  Drawing Artist's rendition of the east portal of Elkhorn Tunnel, circa 1890 (Carol Lacy)
  Map DeLorme Map showing Elkhorn Tunnel area (DeLorme)
  Map Map from Railroad Atlas of North America: Piedmont & Appalachia shows the old Elkhorn Tunnel just north of the current tunnel (Railroad Atlas of North America)
  Photo In 1930 photo, LC-1 electrics pull a coal drag eastbound toward the old Elkhorn (Coaldale) Tunnel. show bridge 859 and 860 also (N&W Photo/ VPI&SU collection)
  Photo Y6b eastbound in the early 1950s pulling an extra coal drag toward west portal of the new Elkhorn Tunnel. The old line is visible on the hillside of Barlow Hollow (not specified)
  Photo An LC-1 electric pulls a coal drag eastbound at Maybeury at the approach to Bridge 861, the Maybeury Trestle. #2505 leads (N&W Photo/ VPI&SU collection)
  Photo Construction photo of Ennis cut, 1951 (Norfolk and Western Magazine)
  Photo The old Elkhorn Tunnel today. 3 photo series of East portal and west portal of old Elkhorn tunnel, and concrete foundations for bridge 860. (Charles Wilson)
Flagging Instructions / An Inside Look at Mine Train Operations - Ed King
  Timetable Tug Fork Brach Employee Timetable, Nov 1942 (author's collection)
  Map Hills and Hollers of the Tug Fork Branch (author's collection)
  Photo Tug Tower at Welch, now long gone (N&W Photo/ VPI&SU collection)
Painting Brass Caboose Models / Step by step illustration of painting a brass model - James F. Brewer
  Photo Twelve (12) photos of various steps in painting a brass caboose (author)
Converting Bachmann's 4-8-4 to the N&W prototype - Kurt Kramke
  Photo Eleven (11) photos of various steps and stages in modifying a Bachmann Heavy 4-8-4 Mountain. changes to pilot wheels, feedwater heater, air pumps, tender trucks, popvalves, low water alarm (author)
Department: Nuggets from the Archives / Promoting the "Land of Plenty" (early advertisements for N&W territory) - Gordon Hamilton
  Drawing Lamberts Point Piers, Norfolk VA. Coal Piers 1,2,3 and two merchandise piers (N&WHS Archives)
  Drawing Illustration of Norfolk Passenger station which burned on October 13, 1909. It was replaced by Terminal Station (N&WHS Archives)
  Drawing Illustration of Old Hotel Roanoke with veranda and porches overlooking the N&W mainline and passenger station. Built in stages beginning in 1882, much of the hotel burned in 1898 (N&WHS Archives)
  Drawing Illustration of General office building in Roanoke, VA. (N&WHS Archives)
  Drawing Illustration of west end of Radford, Va looking west. (N&WHS Archives)
  Drawing Illustration o f Graham Inn at Graham, Va (present day Bluefield, Va). (N&WHS Archives)
  Drawing Illustration of Lynchburg, Va, the Hill City showing the Union Station with its wedge shaped platform between the lines of the N&W and the Southern. (N&WHS Archives)
N&W Freight Roster, 1951 / Part 15 in a series - James F. Brewer
  Table 13 column table listing freight car classes in 1905. Includes all classes, BK thru HC-3a (author's research)
Department: The Tennessean / Modeling the N&W "Mountains" - James Nichols
Vol. 20, No. 1 January / February 2004  Issue Select