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Cover Title: The Norfolk & Western Coal Piers
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On the Cover: This photo shows the newer Pier 6 in the center loading two coaliers. Pier 5 the smaller of the remaining piers is at the right. The thawing house and dumpers for Pier 6 are at the upper right.
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Society News - Rick Stone
Coal Piers - James N. Gillum
  Photo This is the entrance to the car dumper for Pier 6 the thawing house is behind us. Each dumper can flip two, one-hundred-ton cars at one time. The loaded cars are shoved up the incline by the "barney" shown pushing against the hopper's coupler. October 1981. (Jim Gillum photo)
  Photo This is the backside of Pier 5. The single car dumper is under the gantry. The loading chute is stowed in an upright position. The gravity car kickback is to the far right. The incline in the center of the photo is the kickback for the Pier 6 dumpers. October 1981. (Jim Gillum photo)
  Photo In the left of this photo is the blender for Pier 6 which will mix the coal coming from the two dumpers into a computer controlled mix. Then the coal is moved by conveyor to the actual loader which is mobile, so that the ship does not have to be continually respotted. October 1981. (Jim Gillum photo)
  Photo Pictured is the rear of one of Pier 6's loading towers. The towers are among the largest moving land vehicles in the world. October 1981. (Jim Gillum photo)
Passenger Cars - James Nichols
Norfolk & Western Cleans Up Roadway Stock / Five-million-dollar reduction in track and bridge materials facilitated by centralizing supplies at Roanoke - reprint Railway Age
  Photo Dipping Frogs at Roanoke to Combat Corrosion
  Photo Views of the Central Yard for Maintenance Materials at Roanoke, Va.
New Magazine Review / Locomotive & Railway Preservation - Thomas D. Dressler
Current News - Robert G. Bowers
  Photo SD-35 R/N 1515 at Shomo Yard October 17, 1986. (Mason Y. Cooper photo)
  Photo SD-35s lay over at Shomo yard October 17, 1986. (Mason Y. Cooper photo)
Modeler's Corner - Thomas D. Dressler
Norfolk & Western Railway Standard / 50,000 Gallon Water Tank - N&W Railway
  Drawing Norfolk & Western Railway Standard 50,000 Gallon Water Tank drawing L-116-A
Vol. 2, No. 6 November / December 1986  Issue Select