Vol. 2, No. 5 September / October 1986  Issue Select 
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Cover Title: Passenger Equipment
Cover Subtitle: Part II
On the Cover: N&W #1050 the ex-Wabash City of Kansas City Diner. The full width diaphragms are long gone.
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Passenger Equipment / Part II - George Hughes
  Table Wabash City of Kansas City train consist
  Photo N&W 1611 shows the results of the extensive rebuilding for Powhatan Arrow service. Photo taken by Tom Dressler at Portsmouth, Ohio in June 1967. (Tom Dressler photo/Howard Ameling collection)
  Photo Wabash baggage car #375 was photographed by Tom Dressler in Portsmouth, Ohio in October 1965 still in Wabash paint. (Tom Dressler photo/Howard Ameling collection)
  Photo N&W #408 has been through two renumberings; N&W 1392 and earlier Wabash 375, and a major rebuilding into an official train power car. The rebuilding gave her two steam generators and a diesel engine with a 220V generator. Photographed in Norfolk, Virginia by Dave Spanagel in November of 1982 with car still soldiers on. (Howard Ameling collection)
  Table Wabash Blue Bird train consist
  Photo N&W 1612 reflects the more hurried rebuilding that she received than that of her two sisters. This photo was taken in March of 1972 after the car had entered Amtrak service. (Howard Ameling collection)
  Photo "Western Sunset" was N&W owned but not yet repainted in this July, 1968 photo in Chicago, Illinois. (Howard Ameling collection)
  Photo Union Pacific #1609 "Sun Ridge" is of the same class and received the same rebuilding as the ex-Wabash, ex-N&W 12 roomette-4 double bedroom "Western Scene"/11 double bedroom "Sun Villa." (Howard Ameling collection)
  Photo The 800 Inspection car as originally rebuilt with a doorway through the glass end of the car, painted blue with gold lettering. Photo taken in June 1971. (Howard Ameling collection)
  Photo The 800 Inspection car "Alta Vista" as she appears today with a one piece glass window in the observation end painted in Tuscan with gold lettering. December 1982. (Howard Ameling photo)
Improved Co-ordinating Six-Wheel Truck / Reprinted from Railway Age September 20, 1924 - reprint Railway Age
  Photo Top View of the Co-ordinating Six-Wheel Truck
  Drawing Pln View, Showing the Frame Construction
  Drawing Triangulated Ties Hinged at the End Prevents Longitudinal Displacement of the Parallel Bolster Beams
  Photo All parts of the Truck are Designed with the View of Facilitating Inspection
End of ATC / Reprinted from Railway Age December 17, 1956 - reprint Railway Age
Current News - Robert G. Bowers
Modeler's Corner - Thomas D. Dressler
  Table Former NKP and Wabash units on roster as of August 1, 1965
1986 Motive Power Roster - Robert G. Bowers
  Table Norfolk and Western Motive Power Roster as of February, 1986.
Norfolk & Western Railway Standard / Motor Car House - N&W Railway
  Drawing Norfolk & Western Railway Standard Motor Car House drawing L-189
Vol. 2, No. 5 September / October 1986  Issue Select