Vol. 2, No. 2 March / April 1986  Issue Select 
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Cover Title: H-10-44's and H-12-44's
Cover Subtitle: Prototype and Model
On the Cover: 2149 Class FS-12c, a shortened later model clearly shows the factory optional long side handrails with machined post tops. N&W blue body with black underframe and trucks, yellow lettering. Bellevue, OH. 11/20/66
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Society News - Rick Stone
H-10-44's and H-12-44's / Prototype and Model - Thomas D. Dressler
  Photo 2127 an FS-10a photographed at Bellevue, Ohio in July 1967, an ex-NKP unit now in N&W blue. The Loewy-styled body is quite apparent with the cab roof overhang. (Tom Dressler collection)
  Photo The round FM builders plate show clearly in this at Bellevue, Ohio in April of 1966. Notice that the entire carbody handrail is in place after the addition of the frame railing. (Howard Ameling photo)
  Photo 2132 an FS-10a slant nosed unit at Bellevue, Ohio, with railroad fabricated handrails. Of special note are the two cast round builders plate one on the sideframe and the other on the nose of the locomotive. (Tom Dressler collection)
  Photo Wabash Class D-21 is really an early FM H-12-44 on he long wheelbase. Wabash units were Wabash blue with white lettering and safety stripes on the pilots and underframe sides. Note the rectangular builders plate. (Howard Ameling photo)
  Table Roster data showing road number, date built, builder number, weight, brake equipment and last known status. (Compiled by Tom Dressler with data supplied by Bob Bowers and Tom Dressler)
  Drawing General data drawing for Fairbanks Morse Class D10
  Photo The last of the H-12-44's were shorter and more chunky looking. The short carbody led to the unusual lettering placement. Engines with rectangular builders plates had no plate installed on the nose. Such short wheelbase engines had to be rough to riding. (Howard Ameling photo)
The Model - Thomas D. Dressler
  Photo Hallmark model H-12-44 of 1971 was a perfect match for the later NKP short wheelbase locomotives. (Tom Dressler photo)
  Photo The Cary/Athern H-10-44 with full outside handrails and "Monkey Bars" added. (Tom Dressler photo)
  Photo An unusual, but powerful switcher now performing on the Wesley Society of Model Engineers (WESME) layout in Portsmouth Ohio. (Tom Dressler photo)
Questions & Answers - Rick Stone
The Flood of '85 / Part 2: The Roanoke Area - Sam Putney
  Photo A small part of the flood's aftermath, taken at the Virginia Transportation Museum (Jeff Sanders photo)
Modeler's Corner / An N&W modeler looks at a HUDSON and a BIG BOY - James Nichols; Thomas D. Dressler
Product Review / HO hopper car kit from Rail Road Progress - Thomas D. Dressler
  Photo Assembled and lettered HO scale hopper car kit (Tom Dressler photo)
Passenger Equipment / N&W Lightweight Passenger Equipment - George Hughes
  Photo J #607 leads the Powhatan Arrow at Kenove, W.Va. on 7-2-47. Consist of train is PM coaches and heavyweight diner. (J R Quinn photo George Hughes collection)
  Drawing N&W Ry Passenger Car Class Pm Car Nos 1720 thru 1734 dated Oct 2 1941
  Drawing N&W Ry Passenger Car Class Pm Converted into Lounge-Tavern Car dated May 12, 1947
  Photo PM #1728 on train #25 The Powhatan Arrow at Bluefield W.Va. in probably early 1949. Interestingly, paint shop records list 1728 as having received the Arrow logo in 1946. It doesn't show here. (Jim Nichols photo)
  Photo McDowell County on train #15 The Cavalier at Bluefield W.Va. about 1949 on its regular run between New York and Williamson W.Va. (Jim Nichols photo)
  Drawing N&W Ry Sleeping Car Class S2 dated Oct 26, 1953
  Photo S2 McDowell County loads pasengers at Roanoke for New York (actually its an N&W publicity photo) date unknown probably early 1950's. (N&W photo from the Rick Morrison collection)
Current news - Robert G. Bowers
Standard Reinforced Concrete Rail Post - N&W Railway
  Drawing N&W Ry Standard Reinforced Concrete Rail Post
Vol. 2, No. 2 March / April 1986  Issue Select