Vol. 17, No. 5 September / October 2001  Issue Select 
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Cover Title: The new technology
Cover Subtitle: Our Dieselization Series Continues
On the Cover: When the N&W dieselized, ALCO received a pig part of the initial orders. Here, T-6 No. 48 with trailing Class R-1 caboose No. 518725 prepares to move through the yard in Cleveland, OH in June of 1976.
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N&W Dieselization: 2 / Embracing the new technology - Robert G. Bowers; Mason Y. Cooper
  Photo President Stuart Saunders felt he needed the savings the diesel could provide in order to obtain the funds necessary to compete in the rapidly changing world of railroading. (N&W Photo / VPI&SU Collection)
  Photo ALCO T-6s Nos. 11 and 15 in yard service at Portsmouth, OH in September, 1966. (Robert G. Bowers Collection)
  Photo EMD passenger units, by this time in their blue scheme, relax between assignments at Decatur, IL in March, 1972. (Robert G. Bowers Collection)
  Photo Leased Pennsy GP-9s, lead by No. 7203, works a freight through Christiansburg, VA on July 25, 1958. (J. Ohaan, Jr. Photo)
  Photo On July 18, 1958, the first diesel-powered Powhatan Arrow arrives in Roanoke with leased RF&P E8s, still carrying the name of their home road. These units, along with examples from Atlantic Coast Lines, continued under lease until additional passenger versions of N&Ws GP-9s arrived from EMD. The J's were still working, of course, as shown by the train on the right. (N&W Photo / VPI&SU Collection)
  Photo EMD GP-30s 526 and 549 lead a general freight at Hammond, IN in November, 1971. (Robert G. Bowers Collection)
  Photo The March, 1960 cover of the N&W Magazine proudly proclaimed that dieselation had been completed. (Steam fans weren't so proud.) (Jarrell Greever Collection)
  Photo GP-9 No. 823, awaiting assignment in Bellevue, OH, is just out of the paint shop wearing the 70s "NW" scheme. The date is December, 1972. (Robert G. Bowers Collection)
N&W Freight Car Roster: 1941 / 7th in a series - James F. Brewer
  Photo Class B4 52400 was the first car of the last group of this class to be built by Greenville Steel Car Company. These doubledoor cars had a capacity of 50 tons. (N&WHS Archives Collection)
  Photo This "B" end view of Class B5 49999 also shows the roof shape. Note the 10-rung side ladder and the 9-rung end ladder. This class of cars, as well as the B4 cars, rode on N&W Class T-71 trucks. (N&WHS Archives Collection)
  Photo This side view of Class B5 49999 clearly shows the unusual roof that appears somewhat "rounded". Note the recesses on the roof at each end. Although wearing "builder's grey" for this photo, these cars were painted standard boxcar brown for revenue service. (N&WHS Archives Collection)
When Rails Met Sails / Coverage of our 2001 Convention - Charles "Bucky" H. Wilson, Jr.
  Photo A stunning photo of the Norfolk skyline at dusk, taken from the convention hotel grounds across the Elizabeth River. (Charles H. Wilson, Jr)
  Photo Members learn a lot about track maintenance at Plasser-American's track equipment manufacturing plant. (Ron Davis Photo)
  Photo Conventioneers, while on the tour boat, have a look at the United Talent, a mammoth coal ship preparing to load the next day. (Ron Davis Photo)
  Photo Line dancing aboard the Carrie B... what folks won't do when they lose their inhibitions! (Ron Davis Photo)
  Photo With Pier 6 in the background, N&WHS members socialize on an evening cruise on the Elizabeth River. (Charles H. Wilson, Jr)
  Photo N&WHS members enter the former Norfolk Passenger Station at Lamberts Point for a presentation on current operations by Norfolk Southern. (Jarrell Greever Photo)
  Photo Host Jerry Kay welcomes everyone to the Saturday evening banquet. (Jarrell Greever Photo)
  Photo Norfolk Southern Public Relations Director Frank Brown presents the Society with the original building plaque from the N&W Photographic Library. The wonderful artifact will receive prominent display in our archived facility. (Jarrell Greever Photo)
Postscript / Lamberts Point, 1974 - Jarrell Greever
  Photo This photo, taken while a ship was being loaded, was taken during a trip to the top of Pier 6. (Richard Fisher Photo)
  Photo The twin rotary dump tracks at the Lamberts Point facility. (Richard Fisher Photo)
  Photo Hopper cars were rotary dumped into these Electric cars which were then lifted onto the pier to dump into ships. (Richard Fisher Photo)
  Photo Cars coming out of the twin rotary dumps. (Richard Fisher Photo)
Tadpole Tales / Pete and I and the Big A - R. F. Smith
In Scale / Our convention contest winners and new products from Chicago - George Hughes
  Photo No captions. Fifteen photos of contest submissions by Society members. (Not credited)
  Photo Stewart hobbies' N&W F7 in both black and in Wabash "Bluebird" scheme. (Not credited)
  Photo N&W CF caboose from AMD (work in progress) (Not credited)
  Photo Rivarossi H-8 Allegheny 2-6-6-6 in C&O scheme (HO scale). (Not credited)
The Tennessean / The streamlined era influence - James Nichols
  Photo No caption. A Class J with 5 streamlined and 1 updated heavyweight rolling through a rural countryside. (Not explicitly credited)
Vol. 17, No. 5 September / October 2001  Issue Select