Vol. 17, No. 2 March / April 2001  Issue Select 
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Cover Title: Norfolk and Western's Domeliner to Los Angeles!
Cover Subtitle: And: The Battle For Jenny's Gap
On the Cover: After acquiring the Wabash in 1964, N&W became the partner in the operation of The City Of St. Louis. Cars in this train could be lettered for their home road, but had to match the UP paint scheme of Armour yellow and red. This photo captures one of the most striking members of the consist, the UP dome car.
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Domeliner to Los Angeles / After 1964, it really was possible on the N&W - Rick Stone
  Photo In the mid-60's, "The City of St. Louis" departs Union Station in St. Louis with ex-Wabash GP-9 No. 24878 on the point. UP yellow trails N&W blue locomotives and head end cars. (N&WHS Archives)
  Photo 6 section-4 double bedroom-6 roomette sleeper National Unity is shown in Roanoke, March 1969 (Harry Stegmaier)
  Photo 6 section-4 double bedroom-6roomette sleeper National Homes in Roanoke, March 1969. (Harry Stegmaier)
The Battle for Jenny's Gap / The C&O wanted it... the Virginian got it. - Ed Wiley
  Map Circled is Jenny's Gap, a West Virginia location for which the Virginian fought long and hard. (Ed Wiley Collection)
  Photo The South portal of the concrete-lined tunnel which replaced the older tunnel at Jenny's Gap. The entrance to the old tunnel lies buried under the overburden to the left. (Justin Tyler Wiley)
  Photo From the south portal of the tunnel the road drops rapidly toward Slab Fork. The modern two land State Route 54 is on the rise to the left but summer foliage hides for the most part both the north and south entrances to the tunnel. (Justin Tyler Wiley)
The Basics of Steam: 2 / Power and adhesion - Ed King
  Photo J 612 leaves Bristol on train #10 in March, 1957. Bristol's 120-ton derrick outfit is in the spur track to the left; the Norfolk-style hoist to the right was used to load ashes from locomotives, after their fire was cleaned, into the waiting hopper car. (Ed King)
  Photo Y-6 2134 passes Walton Tower with an eastbound double coal train in August, 1956. Y6a 2155 is behind her caboose and will cut off on the fly at Christiansburg. (Ed King)
N&W Freight Car Roster, 1938 / Fourth in a series - James F. Brewer
  Chart N&W Freight Car Roster: January 1, 1938 (James Brewer)
  Photo Class GJa No. 90205 was originally built as part of Class GJ in October, 1909. It was rebuilt in November, 1924 at Roanoke Shops and reclassed as GJa. It had recently been re-weighed at Roanoke Shops where it posed for this photograph on December 8, 1934. (N&W Photo / N&WHS Archives)
  Photo The gondolas of Class GK and its subclasses were originally built in 1914 and 1916. These cars were rebuilt extensively at Roanoke Shops. Class GKd 100381 at left was built in 1928. This photo may have been taken shortly after the rebuilding as the stenciling reflects the placement of the lettering prior to the adoption of standards used throughout North America. Also, the car lacks any re-weighing Stenciling. (N&W Photo / N&WHS Archives)
Tadpole Tales / Mr Fish and the Danger Zone - R. F. Smith
The Tennessean / A primer on passenger cars - Part 4: The 40s - James Nichols
  Photo Coach No. 451 was received from the Erie Railroad, ans assigned class PP. (Jim Nichols Collection)
  Photo Coach 755 was part of a large order of 35 ex-Pullman cars. Rostered as class PN, they were converted from parlor cars to coaches in the Roanoke Shops. (Jim Nichols Collection)
The Virginian Local / More research from Roanoke - Martin E. Swartz
  Drawing Plan and elevation drawing of Combined Freight & Passenger Station at Mullens, West Va. Some dimensions also included. (Southern Railway Historical Association)
  Chart Partial listing of structures located along the right-of-way showing: Location, MP, Size, Type, and Notes. Broken down by Division, Subdivision, or Branch. (Southern Railway Historical Association)
Building Accurate N&W Hoppers / Modifications to existing models help - Richard Hood
  Drawing Drawing showing the modifications required to convert an Atlas PS3 into a Class H2a and also the modifications required to convert a Stewart HL into a Class H9. (Richard Hood)
  Photo The HL hopper after its re-build ino an H9. Note the riveted middle joint on the sides. (N&W Photo / N&WHS Archives)
In Scale / Modeling the UP / N&W Dome Car - George Hughes; Rick Stone
  Photo Three photos of HO scale Dome Coach 1613 after modifications were made. (Rick Stone)
Vol. 17, No. 2 March / April 2001  Issue Select