Vol. 15, No. 6 November / December 1999  Issue Select 
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Cover Title: Before The J's
Cover Subtitle: Design N&W Steam Power, Tractive Effort Explained!
On the Cover: Looking sad and tired, K-1, No. 112 rests at Clare yard, mere months before its retirement. Its last assignment is serving as the power for the West End shifter, working eastward from Clare to Batavia, Afton Yard, Sardinia and the Hillsboro branch.
Articles In This Issue
Current News - Robert G. Bowers
  Photo The "A" end of NS Caboose #555065 in the Progress Steel scrapyard in Roanoke. (Bob Bowers Photo)
  Photo 50 Ton crane #563070 stored in Roanoke on 5/15/1998 (Bob Bowers Photo)
Norfolk & Western's K-1 / Before the J's, THEY were the queens of the fleet - James Nichols
  Photo Class K1 #105, This is the face of a K1 as built. Note the stars on the piston valve covers, a most unusual decoration on an N&W locomotive.  (N&W Collection / VPI&SU)
  Photo Class K1 #111 with 12,000 tender and experimental Worthington feedwater heater is shown as it existed around 1920. When built, the air compressors were in the location now occupied by the heater. Headlight and generator have also been changed. The original stack was of smaller diameter. (N&W Collection / VPI&SU)
  Photo Class K1 #113 at the Bluefield passenger station with an eastbound, probably #4, the Pocahontas (H. E. Nichols photo / Jim Nichols collection)
  Photo Class K1 #111 on the Bluefield ready track, facing east. The date is September 20, 1947. (LaMar M. Kelley Photo / Jim Nichols Collection)
  Photo Class K1 #108 is stored servicible at Roanoke (note cover on stack), still set up as an oil-burner. (LaMar M. Kelley Photo / Jim Nichols Collection)
  Photo Class K1 #115, in postwar rebuilding, the K1's received solid pilot wheels, "cleaner" running boards lines, firebox lagging, and slant front cabs. Note doghouse on tender, an indication that the K1's are no primarily freight power. (N&WHS Archives Collection)
  Photo Class K1 #103 (N&WHS Archives Collection)
  Photo Class K1 #100 The "class" engine with an ex-C&O (nee PM) tender. (N&W Collection / VPI&SU)
  Photo Class K1 #114. "The Last Hurrah!" brings the 1957 NRHS Convention excursion into Pocahontas, VA, shortly before her retirement. (N&WHS Archives Collection)
Designing N&W Steam Power / Tractive Effort Explained - David R. Stephenson
  Photo Class Y #2102 at Pembroke, VA (N&W Collection / VPI&SU)
Memories of the N&W / A Special Trip, A Special Trainman - Robert Mesite
Tales from the Front / Doubling Over Ain't Always a Good Idea - Lawrence W. Crocker
  Photo NW #114, In a photo taken from the passenger station at Lambert's Point, a pair of Fairbanks-Morse units begins the climb up the hill with a cut of loaded hoppers. (Ken Douglas)
The Tennessean / Norfolk & Western Standard Tenders: Part 4 - James Nichols
The Virginian Local / The Viaduct-Erecting Traveler - Martin E. Swartz
  Photo The McClintic-Marshall bridge traveler constructing the Falling River viaduct, near Brookneal VA, in August 1907 (Oct 8, 1908 edition of Engineering News)
  Drawing Details of 15-Ton capacity Viaduct-erecting Traveler. (Oct 8, 1908 edition of Engineering News)
Modeling: / Adding The Virginian to Your Model Railroad - William Mosteller
  Photo This Virginian hopper was photographed in the spring of 1948 at B&O's Eckington Yard in Washington, DC (Charles Wales Photo, Courtesy William Hopkins)
Modeling: / Modeing the Powhatan Arrow in N Scale - Frank Gibson
  Photo Class J, The original version of the Powhatan Arrow (with heavyweight diner) passes the "Peaks of Otter" in Virginia in 1947 (N&W Collection / VPI&SU)
Three Lives of a SD-35 / From road locomotive to geometry car - Robert G. Bowers
  Photo Loco #1530 in service at Bellevue, OH on 7/24/1971 in its "as delivered" paint scheme (Ed Durnwald Photo)
  Photo On 10/5/1976, the frame and trucks of #1530 are stored in the Roanoke East End shops awaiting rebuilding into a road slug. (Bob Bowers Photo)
  Photo The "second life" road slug, now #9921, is shown at Bellevue, OH on 2/10/1983 (Ed Durnwald Photo)
  Photo Leased to Wheeling and Lake Erie, the unit carries on as W&LE #9951. 4/5/1991 (Ed Durnwald Photo)
  Photo NS #34, Track Geometry Test Car 7/22/1999 (Bob Bowers Photo)
Vol. 15, No. 6 November / December 1999  Issue Select