Vol. 15, No. 5 September / October 1999  Issue Select 
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Cover Title: Reunion in Roanoke, Convention '99
Cover Subtitle: Love Affair With An 8-Wheel Switcher
On the Cover: Busloads of N&WHS members prepare to begin their tour of Norfolk Southern's Locomotive Shops in Roanoke during our 1999 convention. These shops once serviced the steam giants of the N&W, and the pride the shopmen had in their work at that time continues unabated today for modern, diesel locomotives.
Articles In This Issue
Reunion in Roanoke / The story of our 1999 Convention - Jarrell Greever
  Photo N&WHS members line up and chow down at the picnic held on the grounds of our hotel. The menu included hamburgers, hot dogs, cole slaw, potato salad, and more. (Jarrell Greever)
  Photo The hotel welcomed the Society on its marquee. (Jarrell Greever)
  Photo Just like the real thing! Norfolk Southern's Locomotive Simulator proved to one of the biggest treats of our convention. The highly computerized units responds to every move you make, including the rockin' and rollin' when you bunch the slack. (Jarrell Greever)
  Photo Norfolk Southern's refurbished Exhibit Car made its first appearance in Virginia at our convention. The car features the latest technology to give visitors an in-depth view of the railroad. (Jarrell Greever)
  Photo Society members tour NS' locomotive shop, where courteous hosts explained what all goes on in that busy facility. (Jarrell Greever)
  Photo A stack of turnouts stand ready to be delivered at the Norfolk Southern Materials Yard. (Jarrell Greever)
  Photo Our first Society President Rick Stone and Jim Gillum are joined by member Larry Crocker just before the ribbon-cutting celebrating the official opening of the N&WHS archives. Then the doors opened, and members file in to get their first look. (Jarrell Greever)
  Photo Mrs. Jeanne Williamson and Mrs. James Gillum serve cookied and punch to the archives visitors (Jarrell Greever)
  Photo This plaque on the wall of the archives honors members who have made contributions of $500 or more to the archives building fund. (Jarrell Greever)
  Photo Computer guru (and membership chairman) Ron Davis demonstrates the "drawings on call" capabilities of the archives' computers to a member. (George Hughes Photo)
  Photo The archives lobby includes wonderful displays of the Norfolk and Western and Virginian, displayed under glass. (Jarrell Greever)
  Photo N&WHS member Donald Burnett adds a rare N&W artifact to our archives. He is shown presenting Jim Gillum a handwritten log of N&W accidents from the early 1900's. Mr. Burnett is a conductor for Norfolk Southern at Lambert's Point in Norfolk. (Jarrell Greever)
  Photo Frank S. Brown, Assistant Vice President and Director of Communications for Norfolk Southern, addresses the crowd at our annual membership banquet. Many who attended this year were enjoying their first N&WHS convention. (Jarrell Greever)
  Photo Society President Jim Gillum presents this year's Precision Transportation Awards to Vice President and Society Sales Directory Bob Bowers, and long-time member John Snidow. (Jarrell Greever)
N&WHS Convention '99 / And the winner is... - Jarrell Greever
  Photo Freight Car: Charlie Long - N&W Depressed Center Flat (George Hughes)
  Photo Passenger Car: Pat Ryan - Class M1 RPO (George Hughes)
  Photo Craft: Lois Ponton - "Stuffed" N&W Y6b (George Hughes)
  Photo Diesel: Charlie Schlotthober - N&W Alco T-6 (George Hughes)
  Photo Favorite Train: Bob Moore - VGN Work Extra (George Hughes)
  Photo Structure: Tom Salmon - VGN Page Engine House (George Hughes)
  Photo Coal Car: Jim Cochran - N&W Class GD Gondola (George Hughes)
  Photo Caboose: Bob Moore - VGN C-7 Road Caboose (G)
  Photo Caboose: Bob Moore - VGN C-7 Road Caboose (George Hughes)
  Photo What If? Bob Moore - VGN Doodlebug (George Hughes)
  Photo Display: Nathan Robinette - Richlands Coal Wharf (George Hughes)
  Photo Photo: Ben Blevins - "Signal At Moonrise" (George Hughes)
  Photo Non-Revenue: John Munson - VGN Business Car (George Hughes)
  Photo Steam: Cal Reynolds - N&W Class M2 (George Hughes)
Boaz's Blue Ridge Brother / A convention side trip yields an unknown fact - Frank Gibson
Love Affair with an 8-Wheel Switcher / Remembering one of my favorite locomotives - Ed King
  Photo Class S1a #235 is shown here pushing time freight #88 out of Bristol. (Ed King)
  Photo Class S1a #272 at Petersburg in 1952. #272, shown here, was the one Bristol was supposed to get, but doe to a mysterious "kidnapping" on the way, it ended up on the east end. (A.A. Thime photo / Charles Felstead Collection)
  Photo All that's left of the #235, its number plate, was given to the author as a gift... and it remains one of his treasured possessions to this day. (Ed King)
The Tennessean / Norfolk & Westerns Standard Tenders: Part 3 - James Nichols
Current News / An update on new diesels - Robert G. Bowers
The Virginian Local / The World's Biggest Tank Engine? - Martin E. Swartz
  Drawing Proposed change to Engine #600, class AB.  (Virginian Ry. Co. drawing)
  Drawing Standard 50-Ton steel coal car; Virginian Ry.
Vol. 15, No. 5 September / October 1999  Issue Select