Vol. 15, No. 2 March / April 1999  Issue Select 
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Cover Title: The Sleepers they called 'The County Cars'
Cover Subtitle: Changing Signals on the Bristol Line
On the Cover: Passengers prepare to board one of the brand new S-2 class sleepers, McDowell County, in this N&W publicity photo.
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Norfolk & Western's 'County Cars' / N&W's S-2 sleeper - James F. Brewer; James Nichols
  Photo Buchanan County was recently arrived at Roanoke, having "come down the Valley" on Train #1; it wears the as-delivered paint and stencillings scheme. The three vents and grabs irons are the only "clutter" on this side of the roof. (Harry Stegmaier Photo)
  Photo McDowell County awaits departure at Roanoke. The blue period has arrived, and the car has lost its stripes and shows numerous dings and dents from wear. Note the shape of the striker plate of the diaphragm. The double battery boxes and air reservoirs, battery charger connection and water fill connections are clearly visible underframe details (Harry Stegmaier Photo)
  Photo Here, the McDowell County is painted in the orange, brown and yellow colors of Illinois Central passenger equipment. The esape hatch and grab irons were the only roof details on the bedroom side. (Harry Stegmaier Photo)
  Photo Sussex County rolls out of Roanoke on The Pocahontas. Its vestibule door window is closed and rather dirty. The bathroom window and interior aisle grab iron stand out, as does the underframe detail. (Harry Stegmaier Photo)
  Photo The Buchanan County and McDowell County are show resting in Dickinson, WV in their last incarnation circa 1975, having been sold to Appalachian Power Company. Buchanan was renumbered APWX 2001 for its service there, and was eventually purchased by NWHS member Rick Stone. McDowell (APXW 2002) has been repainted and stenciled from its IC colors after returning to N&W service. (Howard W. Ameling Collection)
  Drawing Sleeping Car Class S2
A Changing of the Guard / N&W CPL Signals are rapidly passing into history. The Bristol line illustrates the point. - Ben Blevins
  Drawing CPL blocks signal (Ben Blevins)
  Photo NS train #190 at Atkins, VA on 11/15/1996. The train approaching from the east , blasts by signal B3562. This signal was retired and scrapped in 1997. (Ben Blevins)
  Photo Relay box located at former Seven Mile Ford siding was retired in 1990. Similar to relay box at McMullin, these boxes were located at various points along the system. (Ben Blevins)
  Photo Signal B3444, located at Crockett, VA. The head of the signal, which used to face west, now faces due south after being turned away from the tracks. Photo taken 12/5/1996 (Ben Blevins)
  Photo The new target signal located at Rural Retreat, VA. The new signal stands short to its retired counterpart, the former East End Rural Retreat bracket signal on 12/5/1996. (Ben Blevins)
  Photo Signal B3611 is located at Mount Carmel, one mile east of Marion, VA. This night photo, taken on 12/31/1996 at 2:30AM show the signal giving the aspect of approach diverging. (Ben Blevins)
  Photo At Snapp, two miles east of Glade Spring, VA, the new signal stands over the old N&W signal. Photo taken 3/23/1997 (Ben Blevins)
N&W Red: Here we go again... - James F. Brewer
Book Review / N&W Coal Cars, From 1881 to 1998 - John Teichmoeller
The Tennessean / The Dow Book: Another Opinion - James Nichols
Current News / N&W Locomotive Roster as of 1/1/1999 - Robert G. Bowers
N-Scale News / Hooray for HK! - Frank Gibson
Vol. 15, No. 2 March / April 1999  Issue Select