Vol. 15, No. 1 January / February 1999  Issue Select 
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Cover Title: Slickin' 'Em through Sardinia: N&W's Pesky Peavine
Cover Subtitle: All Cabeese Were NOT Created Equal
On the Cover: Class J #604 leads the east bound Cavalier over the Scioto River Bridge at Vera Junction on N&W's Ohio "Peavine" on 7/11/1953. New contributor Ed King tells us how difficult the 'Peavine' could be for operating men in his story.
Articles In This Issue
Cover Story: Slickin' 'Em Through Sardinia / A First Person experience on N&W's pesky 'Peavine' - Ed King
  Photo On 7/11/1953, and east bound time freight with Class Y5 #2105 in the lead crosses the Scioto Bridge at Vera Junction, where the "Peavine" joins the main line to Cincinnati, OH. (Jim Henry Collection)
  Timetable These employee timetables from 1961 reflect train movements on the Portsmouth to Cincinnati "Peavine". (Ed King Collection)
The Good & Bad about Cabin Cars / All cabeese were NOT created equal - Jimmy Lisle
  Photo Photo of caboose #555002 (Jame F. Brewer Photo)
  Photo The 557s came from the Nickel Plate... and as far as the authors is concerned, the could have gone right back. (Bob Bowers Collection)
N&W's Screwy Reverse Gear / The Franklin Precision Power Reverse Gear - Robert Harvey
  Photo The Franklin Precision Power Reverse Gear (Locomotive Cyclopedia, 1922)
  Photo The wheel and spinner knob of the Franklin Precision reverse gear which inflicted so many injuries is at the right in this view of the backhead of Class Z1b #1409. The picture was make in November, 1934. The casing surrounding the fire door is the delivery end of a Hanna stoker, a kind not often seen. (N&W Photo / VPI&SU Collection)
  Photo The more handsome (but less likely to break your arm) Type E Ragonnet Power Reverse Gear offered by the Franklin Railway Supply Company. (Locomotive Cyclopedia Drawing)
  Photo The late afternoon December sun gleams on the boiler of Class Y3b #2080 (later changed to Class Y4), the first of its class. It had just been built by Alco's Richmond shop and is shown here in 1926 at Shaffer's Crossing in Roanoke. The operating cylinder of the Franklin Precision reverse gear is just ahead of the fire firebox. (N&W Photo / VPI&SU Collection)
Classic Railroad History II: / The Baker Car Heater Systems - Henry R. Bragg, Jr.
  Drawing Baker Car Heater
Cavalier Memories / The last steam run in Ohio - Stephen Rineair
  Photo Class J #603. On 7/19/1958, she took here last run, hauling the Cavalier through the Ohio countryside.
The Evolution of the Norfolk & Western / A Complete timeline from then 'till now - James F. Brewer
The Tennessean / Midwest Meanderings - James Nichols
Tales from the Front / Tit for Tat: The Games Hoggers Played - James B. Scott
The Virginian Local / The Case of the Wayward Waycar - Martin E. Swartz
  Photo A high-level view of Romeoville's Safety Town show the restores VGN C-10A #334 in the far right corner. (Lt. John J. Jarecki, Jr.)
  Drawing Original Virginia Railway drawing courtesy of the Caboose Museum, Mullens, WV. Enhanced for N&WHS by M. E. Swartz (M. E. Swartz)
Current News / Shenandoah Line see N&W red... briefly - Robert G. Bowers
  Photo Former N&W Class C32 caboose #555035 has the spent the summer in work train service. The car is spotted on a siding near Manassas, VA on 9/8/1998. (Mason Y. Cooper Photo)
Vol. 15, No. 1 January / February 1999  Issue Select