Vol. 14, No. 5 September / October 1998  Issue Select 
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Cover Title: Convention '98
Cover Subtitle: Travelin' the Bristol Line
On the Cover: Standing as a monument to a time well past, the Bristol train station faces an uncertain future. Serving in recent years as a specialty shopping mall, the building today stands empty, theat venture having failed to attract sufficient patronage. The facility, which in better days served N&W patrons on crack Southern passenger trains, was one of the sites viewed by N&WHS members at our June convention in Bristol.
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Cover Story: Bristol Bound / Complete Coverage of our '98 Convention - Unknown Unknown
  Photo Giving the pedestrian bridge nest to the passenger station in Abingdon more use than it's seen in years, N&WHS members straddle the Bristol line, hoping for a photo-op of a Norfolk Souther train. Alas other than terrific view, they were disappointed. (Jarrell Greever Photo)
  Photo The Meadowview Depot still has the final train arrival board hanging inside, but otherwise stand empty. (Jarrell Greever Photo)
  Photo On a Christmas Eve long ago, the Rural Retreat station starred in Winston Link's Christmas Eve recording. (Jarrell Greever Photo)
  Photo This station, located at Emory, now belongs to Emory & Henry College. (Jarrell Greever Photo)
  Photo Pulaski was once a thriving rail service area. The depot is all that remains, now beautifully restored and housing a museum. (Jarrell Greever Photo)
  Photo N&WHS members received a surprise in Saltville, as our gracious hosts provided a ride on their excursion train. Saltville Mayor Fred "T-Bone" Lewis talks with his passengers about the history of the town. (Clinton H. Smoke Jr. Photo)
  Photo "Old Maud Bowed Here..." member choosing the Green Cove tour socialize at the station where Winston Link's famous photo was taken.  (Mason Y. Cooper Photos)
A History of Saltville / Salt Capital of the Confederacy - Clinton Smoke
  Photo A Saltville landmark is the Madam Russel House, built in 1788. Ms. Elizabeth Russel was the sister of Virginia Patrick Henry and the wife of Revolutionary War General William Russel, one of the first landowners and salt producers in the Saltville Valley. (Clinton Smoke Jr. Photo)
The PG: N&W's Standard Coach / A Tennessean Column Special - James Nichols
  Photo PG Coach #1672 stands in the Roanoke sun, ready to being service. It carries the original "ampersand style" lettering, and clearly shows the aluminum window sashes which were typical of the modernized members of the class. (N&W Collection, VPI&SU collection)
  Photo PG #1650 is one of the cars that were air conditioned in 1935. In the photo above, the new generator is clearly visible under the left end of the car. The photo at left is the interior of the car, showing only minor variations from it's original form, mainly in the center ceiling area. (N&W Photos / Vern French Collection)
  Photo This photo of the #1638 shows the PG as originally built, complete with its sea of roof vents. (N&W Collection, VPI&SU collection)
  Photo PG #1627 was the first car of the group modernized in 1947. The interior has more modern luggage racks than were in the 1940 cars, and had a slightly different seat design. The exterior featured the distinctive turtleback roof. (N&W Collection, VPI&SU collection)
  Photo The interior of one of the cars modernized in 1940. This photo was sometimes used in N&W ads to show the modern appointments of the day, and how relaxing travel by train can be. (N&W Photo / VPI&SU collection)
  Photo Originally, the PG's had windows in their ends, but as this pre-modernized photo shows these were soon plated over. (N&W Collection, VPI&SU collection)
  Photo A few of the PG's were partitioned into two compartments, and there cars were modernized as well. (N&W Collection, VPI&SU collection)
Modeling: N&W's Class BEk baggage-express / A simple kitbash - Bob Chapman
  Photo N&W Railway Express Agency #128 (N&W Photo / VPI&SU collection)
  Drawing N&W Baggage and Express Car Class BEk, 3/17/1952 (Bob Chapman Collection)
  Photo BEk #128 shows its many years of service for the N&W. The photo was taken in the "blue period", and displays only the "Express", since the REA was no longer around. (N&W Photo)
  Photo The author modeled the car in it's original red scheme when the N&W was still a part of the Railway Express Agency. (Bob Chapman Photo)
Modeling News / A VGN gondola and an N&W Diesel - George Hughes; Steve Summers
Pocahontas Spotlight / War Stories - Robert Harvey
  Map War, WV, a mining town deep in the heart of the coal fields, was located on the Dry Fork Branch which was bordered by the main line to the north, and the Clinch Valley Line to the South. As the story above illustrates, the town certainly saw its share of action. (The N&W Magazine)
Tales from the Front / Lynchburg's Island Yard & the Phoebe Turn - James B. Scott
  Photo Aerial view of Island Yard, Lynchburg, VA (N&W Photo / VPI&SU collection)
Virginian Local / Valuation Maps: The Right of Way Revealed - Martin E. Swartz
  Map This is one small section of a series V-2 valuation map covering the Virginian's Roanoke yards. Among other interesting features are the roundhouse with its individual track lengths indicated and the wye at top center. Since no catenary poles are indicated, the wye may have been built to turn long steam locomotives which would not fit on the 120 foot turntable. Not shown here but in the full drawing is the Metropolitan grain elevator at the far right, and the electric locomotive inspection building. (N&WHS collection)
  Photo Class PA #215 takes on a load of fuel at the Roanoke "coaler". In the background on the right is the roundhouse, and on the left is the Metropolitan grain elevator which appears in many photographs of these facilities.
A Case of X's and O's / Trails of the Virginian found - H. Warren Middleton
Vol. 14, No. 5 September / October 1998  Issue Select