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Cover Title: Remaining N&W GP-35s Now Retired
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On the Cover: GP35 #1309 was the first unit of the third and last order of this model from EMD by N&W. These third order units were numbered in series after the P&WV and previously unnumbered Wabash units received by N&W as a result of the 1964 merger. Now this class has disappeared from the diesel roster of NS. See page 12 for details.
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Station Stops / (Table of Contents) - James F. Brewer
Welch...Again - Everett N. Young
  Photo Looking west, Tug Tower is in the center right. Here the double track Tug Fork Branch diverged from the main line and extends southward across the view toward Gary. Tug also controlled the downtown passenger station loop in the center of the photo. The Tug Fork Branch was electrified as far up as Wilco Yard, but the catenry is gone by this point in time. (Photo by Robert L. Harvey/Everett N. Young Collection)
  Photo At the far left is N&W Bridge 893-A over the Tug Fork at the west portal of Welch Tunnel, which is hidden from view behind the four-story building. In the center is the McDowell County Court House. On the steps leading down to the street in front (left of building in this view), Sid Hatfield and Ed Chambers were gunned down by Baldwin-Felts Detective Agency mine guards in retribution for having lost seven of their cohorts in the "Matewan Massacre" of 1920. The N&W depot is at the lower right. (Photo by Robert L. Harvey/Everett N. Young Collection)
  Photo Looking eastward (on the railroad) we see the N&W depot and team tracks wherre a boxcar is being unloaded into a truck. A local freight appears to be occupying the passenger track which leads on up Elkhorn Creek to rejoin the main line around the curve. (Photo by Robert L. Harvey/Everett N. Young Collection)
Creating The Powhatan Arrow in Plastic / (First of two parts) - Jarrell Greever
  Drawing Drawing showing which pieces of the IHC diner to remove to remodel into a Powhatan Arrow dining car. (Jarrell Greever)
  Drawing Drawing showing which pieces to remove from a Rivarossi coach to model into a P-3 coach and which pieces to remove from a Rivarossie sleeper to use as replacement parts.  (Jarrell Greever)
Thacker Train Shed - Pat Ryan
  Photo Thacker Train Shed (Pat Ryan)
The Tennessean - James Nichols
  Photo Kitbash of N&W Class DE diner from AHM/Rivarossi Car. (Mason Cooper photo)
  Photo Kitbash of N&W Class DE diner using the Athearn car. (Mason Cooper photo)
  Drawing Dining Car Class, R.E. N&W Ry. Roanoke, Va, Aug. 3-1914 (Class RE later reclassified to Class DE) (not listed)
N&W Railroad History / Part 5 compiled by Jim Cochran - Reprint Railroad Gazette
The N&W Diesel Roster - Robert G. Bowers
  Table 1994 summary of Norfolk & Western Diesel Locomotives Dispositions (Bob Bowers)
  Table The N&W diesel roster, as of January 1, 1995, shapes up as follows: (Bob Bowers)
Current News - Robert G. Bowers
The View From The Right Side Of The Cab / Nellybell and the Toy - The Portsmouth Terminal - Thomas D. Dressler
A True Story! - J. E. Hall
Letters to the Editor - James F. Brewer
Vol. 11, No. 2 March / April 1995  Issue Select