Vol. 1, No. 5 September / October 1985  Issue Select 
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Cover Title: Is the 1218 to Breathe Again?
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On the Cover: 1218 witth a westbound empty train at Crewe, VA September 1957.
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Is the 1218 to steam again? - Thomas D. Dressler
  Photo Will this Nathan 4000 non-lifting live steam injector again feel water and steam passing through the various passages? (Tom Dressler photo)
N&W Completes Train Control / Continuous systeem incorporated with a.c. position-light signaling on a division of single track - D. W. Richards
  Photo Typical locomotive with Train Control Equipment painted white for illustration. (N&W Photo)
  Map Track and Signal Plan Between Sidings, Showing Signals and Location of "A" and "B" Points for Each Signal, in Which Case "A" is the High to Medium Speed Braking Point and "B" is the Medium to Low Speed Braking Point
  Drawing Typical Train Control Circuits as Tied in with Signaling
  Photo Signal with Lower arm for siding indication. (N&W Photo)
  Photo Signal at end of passing track, high head is for mainline lower head for siding. This is considered to be unusual because dwarfs were not used for the siding signals. (N&W Photo)
  Photo Detail of under-cab equipment (N&W Photo)
Coal Cars of the NW / Part II - Roy Hurlburt
  Photo Class H11 hopper car (Rick Stone)
  Photo Class H11 upgraded (Howard Ameling)
  Photo Class H11a (Howard Ameling)
  Photo Class H12 (Ed Durnwald)
  Photo Class H13 (N&W Photo/Tom Dressler Collection)
  Photo Class H15 (N&W Photo/Tom Dressler Collection)
Current News - Erik Stoddard
Book Review / Ghost Trains - Jim Caldwell
Book Review / The Virginian Railway Handbook - Douglas A. Andre'
Modeler's Corner - Thomas D. Dressler
Repowering The Bachman J - Douglas A. Andre'
  Drawing Mechanical drawing of Repowered HO Scale Bachman Class J (Doug Andre')
First Convention - Rick Stone
  Photo Model TC-10 N&W #100 with attendees of first N&WHS Convention
Vol. 1, No. 5 September / October 1985  Issue Select