Vol. 1, No. 3 May / June 1985  Issue Select 
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Cover Title: Twenty-Five Years Ago This Month...
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On the Cover: Y6b #2190, the very last road freight steam locomotive to see active service on the Norfolk & Western.
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Convention News - Rick Stone
Twenty-Five Years Ago this Month... - Thomas D. Dressler
  Photo S1a #291, recently renumbered from 215, was the very last active steam locomotive in revenue service on the Norfolk & Western (Roger Whitt photo from the Tom Dressler collection)
Baldwin Diesels / How many Baldwin diesels did the Norfolk & Western own? - Rick Stone
  Photo Nickel Plate 320 shows the original Baldwin long hood and the lack of underbody fuel tank. Taken at Toledo Ohio in 1953. (Howard Ameling)
  Photo Norfolk & Western 7900 shows the Alco RS-36 long hood as applied to the Baldwin frame. Taken just after the final renumbering in June 1970. (Howard Ameling)
  Photo Norfolk & Western 2323 shows the humpbacked appearance and frog-eye number boards of the EMD rebuilds. Toledo Ohio April 1967. (Howard Ameling)
  Photo Norfolk & Western 7903 shows one of the La Grange rebuilds in the later style black paint in this photo taken at Bellevue in April 1975. (Howard Ameling)
Accidents - Rick Stone
Awarded Prizes / 84 Section Foremen are Awarded Prizes For Their Showing In Track Improvement and Maintenance. - Rick Stone
Air Cooled Sleeping Cars Add To Travel Comfort - reprint Norfolk & Western Magazine
  Photo The air-cooling machine in operation.
Current News - Erik Stoddard
Questions & Answers - Rick Stone
Modeler's Corner - Thomas D. Dressler
Product Review / Key Imports N&W Class K-1 4-8-2 - Thomas D. Dressler
Railfans & Safety - Thomas D. Dressler
Vol. 1, No. 3 May / June 1985  Issue Select