Vol. 1, No. 2 March / April 1985  Issue Select 
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Cover Title: N&W Trainmasters
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On the Cover: N&W 3597 was in the body style called Phase IIL by extra 2200 South.
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N&W Trainmasters - Rick Stone
  Photo WAB 599 was originally demonstrator TM-2. Taken at Decatur, IL in August 1964. (Howard Ameling)
  Photo N&W 158 is a Phase 1b Train Master. July 1974 at Mullens, WV (Howard Ameling)
  Photo VGN 72 is a Phase II bodied H-24-66. A 1958 photo taken at Mullens, WVa. (Howard Ameling)
  Photo N&W !74 was the last H-24-66 Train Master to be built. Taken in August 1975 with 174 stored waiting to be converted into a Class RP-R6 slug.
Pocahontas Region / Study of Operating Conditiopns - Rick Stone
  Map The Norfolk & Western and the Virginian East of Roanoke (Railway Age Gazette)
  Drawing Comparative Profiles, Virginian Railway and Norfolk & Western Railway (Railway Age Gazette)
Current News - Rick Stone; Roy Hurlburt
Modeler's Corner - Thomas D. Dressler
Questions & Answers - Rick Stone
Product Review / Bachman HO Scale Class J - Douglas A. Andre'
Vol. 1, No. 2 March / April 1985  Issue Select