Vol. 1, No. 6 November / December 1985  Issue Select 
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Cover Title: N&W's First Diesels
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On the Cover: Brand new RS-3 #97, in shiny Roanoke black with steam loco-type lettering in Dulux Gold at Roanoke the day after delivery in October 1955. The Phase III units can be spotted by the long centralized air intakes on the car body, roller bearing trucks and crossways mounted exhaust stack. N&W units had an extra long battery box on the left side in front of the cab.
Articles In This Issue
Norfolk & Western RS-3's / The Engine That Started It All - Thomas D. Dressler
  Photo Alco builders photo of Nickel Plate RS-3 #540 shows the differences in the headlight, class light and numberboards from the N&W units. Also note the ladder for access to the carbody top and the sharp paint scheme. (Alco Historical photos collection)
  Photo Undated photo fo N&W RS-3 #306
  Photo Norfolk & Western #300 (ex #99) RS-3 Northbound with a local freight extra at Roxboro, NC in May of 1956. (W. Earl Long)
  Drawing General dimension diagram Class RS-3 0-4-4-0 Diesel Electric Road Switching Locomotive. (Tom Dressler collection)
  Data Sheet Data Sheet Alco RS-3
  Table Listing of dispositions of N&W RS-3s
  Drawing General Location Drawing, Top View, N&W RS-3 #300, not to scale (Doug Andre')
The Twelvepole Line - Today - John Joseph
  Photo Former N&W tunnel, between Breeden and Kirk, WV. 1985 photo. (John Joseph)
  Photo Railfan cue, courtesy WV Department of Transportation [Highway sign pointing to Old N-W Railroad Rd] (John Joseph)
  Photo West end of the Dingess tunnel, the summit of the Twelvepole Creek line. 1985 photo. (John Joseph)
  Photo The Dunlow station still stands, fifty-two years after abandonment of the N&W Twelvepole mainline. 1985 photo. (John Joseph)
Repairing Freight Cars / Reprint from N&W Magazine - August 1930 - R. T. Grissom
  Photo Part of the Portsmouth Car Repair Yard showing damaged cars ready to be repaired and the scaffolding on which the repairers work while applying the siding. (N&W Photo)
  Photo The scaffolding for roof work (N&W Photo)
  Photo The overhead cranes handling the trucks, roof frames, wheels and body of a steel car. (N&W Photo)
  Photo The Material Platforms (N&W Photo)
  Photo An interior view of the Material House (N&W Photo)
  Photo Another view of the Material House (N&W Photo)
Modeler's Corner - Thomas D. Dressler
Product Review / Westerfield HO Scale N&W HP Class hopper car - Douglas A. Andre'
Product Review / Westerfield 1601 Hopper Car - Kurt Kramke
Norfolk & Western Railway Standard Pit Privy - N&W Railway
  Drawing N&W Railway Standard Drawing L-81 Third Issue - Pit Privy
Bylaws of The Norfolk & Western Railway Historical Society - Norfolk & Western Historical Society
Vol. 1, No. 6 November / December 1985  Issue Select