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Cover Title: The Class A 2-6-6-4
Cover Subtitle: Tribute to James N. Gillum / Class C-10 Caboose / Virginian's Victoria Depot
On the Cover: Class A #1220 is on empty hoppers westbound at milepost 71 on the "racetrack" just west of Disputanta, VA, several miles east of Petersburg on the Norfolk Division. The date is 4/2/1957 and she's running west on the eastbound track under the CTC signaling on both mains.
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James N. Gillum - Charles "Bucky" H. Wilson, Jr.
  Photo Jim Gillium wearing a 611 cap. (Bill McClure)
Norfolk & Western's Finest / The Class A 2-6-6-4 - Ed King
  Photo Here is thirteen-year-old #1200, the first of the class, backing under the coal wharf while being serviced at Lamberts Point on 7/26/1949. Her modifications include the solid pilot, rebuilt tender, and two air aftercoolers under her right running board ahead of the air pumps. (John A. Rehor collection)
  Photo The #1233 is taking a ride on Shaffers Crossing's turntable while class W6 0-8-0T shop shifter #821 watches in the background. The 1944-built #1233 looks new in this photograph, still with her original pilot. (N&WHS Archives photo)
  Photo This front view of the #1203 at Roanoke on 8/29/1957, after application of the solid pilot, shows the details on the handsome front end. (N&WHS Archives photo)
  Photo The #1214 drifts down Blue Ridge eastbound at high speed while an empty hopper train passes on the westbound track on 9/30/1953. She has one of the then new auxiliary tenders that will be her constant companion for the rest of her service life. (Bob Hundman Collection)
  Photo The #1239 is just into Crewe from Lamberts Point and is heading for the engine terminal to be serviced on Christmas Eve, 1951. She is the second of the final fives As and has the distinctive Timken Roller Bearings rods and wrist pins; the rods are made of Timken's "High Dynamic" steel allow. These lightweight rods gave the As greater reliability, increased availability and longer engine runs without rod lubrication. (Bob Hundman Collection)
  Photo The #1207 is being serviced at Lamberts Point 8/20/1948. Like the #1200 she sports a pair of aftercoolers under her right running board ahead of the air pump. (Bob Hundman Collection)
  Photo The #1240 is on Alleghany Mountain's 1.34% grade east of Montgomery tunnel with time freight 85 on 5/19/1955. (D. Wallace Johnson photo)
  Photo The overhang of the Class A on a sharp curve can be clearly seen in this photo of the #1226 being passed by a class J 4-8-4 in August 1956. (Jim Neubauer photo)
  Photo The #1209 has coal loads in tow near Kenova, WV and is hard at it running for the hump over the Ohio River bridge with her 16,000 ton train. (N&WHS Archives photo)
  Photo It's late in N&W's steam season, and #1221 is leaving Norfolk with empty hoppers. The practice of using headlights night and day has only been in effect about two years - this is September, 1958. (Bob Hundman Collection)
  Photo The #1231 is by the roundhouse at Crewe on 9/19/1954. Like the #1200 & #1226, the #1231 spent most of her late career on the east end between Roanoke and Lamberts Point. (Bob Hundman Collection)
  Photo The #1222 was another long-time "west-ender", ready to get on its train at Columbus. The photo date is unknown, however, the tender has coal boards added which were applied to all Class A tenders in mid-1955. (Bob Hundman Collection)
  Photo 12/26/1952 finds the #1219 awaiting servicing at Crewe after arrival from Lamberts Point on a train of empty hoppers. Her auxiliary tank was just eight days old the date of this photo. (Bob Hundman Collection)
  Photo The #1215 is at Portsmouth on 8/18/1958. Diesels have already ended steam operation on the Columbus and Cincinnati districts, so the only place for her to go is on the Kenova district. The #1215 is one of several As that spent most of her late career on the west end. (Bob Hundman Collection)
  Photo The #1200 was captured on 5/9/1936, one day after being completed at Roanoke shops. She's doing some shakedown runs near Shaffers Crossing. (N&WHS Archives photo)
  Photo The #1211, like the #1215, spent most of her career on the west end of the railroad. Here she awaits servicing at Portsmouth on 9/22/1953, sporting one of the new auxiliary water tenders. (Bob Hundman Collection)
  Photo The #1239 unloads camera-laden railfans at Bluefield after arriving with a passenger extra run in conjunction with the NRHS convention held in Roanoke. The date is 9/1/1957. Not the height of her class 22l tender compared with the coach behind her. (John Dziobko photo)
  Photo The photographer caught #1208 working hard with her 190 loads east of Naugatuck on 4/24/1957, and drove ahead to catch him again. The main visible indication of effort is the squirrel-tail of steam from the stoker exhaust ahead of the fireman's side of the cab. (James EuDaly photos)
  Photo The #1239 has arrived at Bristol roundhouse after handling a westbound passenger extra in 1957. Her roller-bearing side and main rods show well here. The five As with lightweight rods like the #1239 were ideally suited for passenger service and troop trains, and were the prime favorites for hotshot time freights 77 & 78. (C. W. Witbeck photo)
Archival Data: Class C-10 Caboose - Norfolk & Western Historical Society
  Photo Photo of N&W caboose Class C10 #557882  (N&WHS Archives photo)
  Drawing W&LE drawing of N&W Class C10 caboose (N&WHS Archives photo)
The Virginian's Victoria Depot - Greg Elam
  Photo The Virginian Railway's depot at Victoria, VA, waits for train action 8/3/1910. This photo was taken shortly after the completion of the second story. The upper floor housed offices for clerks, the superintendent and the telegraph operator. (N&WHS Archives photo)
  Photo Starting as a single-story structure, the Victoria depot was built in 1907-1908. A couple of years later the second story was added. (N&WHS Archives photo)
  Photo A Virginian passenger train is stopped at the Victoria depot in 1951 as riders and friends congregate on the platform. (N&WHS Archives photo)
  Drawing Excellent drawings for those who wish to model the depot (front, side, end and top view showing room layout). (N&WHS Archives drawing)
  Photo Another view of the Victoria depot during a quiet moment. Before the single-story station was built, railroad business was conducted out of a vacant boxcar which also served at the passenger depot. (N&WHS Archives photo)
  Photo This postcard depicts the Virginian Railway yards and shops at Victoria. The view is looking east, and the depot is easily spotted straight ahead just to the left of the tracks. (N&WHS Archives photo)
Modeler: Modeling Style and Scale - Robert L. Hundman
  Photo This finished house is similar to those constructed between 1910 and 1920. It is my first use of the double wall technique shown in the No. 2 depot article from the last issue. (Bob Hundman photos)
  Photo This scene is modeled by Vic Smith of St. Louis. The warehouse scene has a lot of interest. This is where realism takes hold . (Bob Hundman photo)
  Photo This is a picture of Dick Hammond's layout featuring the N&W. (Bob Hundman photo)
Vol. 25, No. 1 January / March 2009  Issue Select