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Cover Title: Williamson WV
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On the Cover: Track laying was completed on the Ohio Extension on Thursday, September 22, 1892. The first train to pass through was that of Vice President and General Manager Jospeh H. Sands. The train left Bluefield on September 23 and traveled over the new line, arriving in Kenova on September 24. This hundred year old photograph is believed to be one of the first trains, if not the very first train, over the Extension. Class J 4-4-0 No. 511, with two open vestivule coaches, is shown at the west protal of Dingess Tunnel. The 511 was built by Baldwin in October, 1879 and was Shenandoah Valley No. 3 before coming to the N&W via merger.
Articles In This Issue
"Conductor, Trains 25 & 26..." - James F. Brewer
A Picture Gallery of Norfolk and Western Passenger Service at Williamson, W. Va. 1967 & 1968 - Pat Ryan
  Photo Attend the N&WHS annual convention on June 18, 19, and 20 and see how much N&W remains "In the heart of the Billion Dollar Coal Field." (Pat Ryan photo)
  Photo Ready to roll west to Portsmouth and Cincinnati is the Powhatan Arrow in July 1967. The first car is a class Ef box express built by the N&W. (Pat Ryan photo)
  Photo The Williamson station as it was in 1968. Passenger trains haven't stopped here since Amtrak discontinued The Mountaineer. The building currently serves as the Williamson City Hall. (Pat Ryan photo)
  Photo No. 92, a class M1 RPO, was built in 1937 by Bethlehem Steel. It is serving out its last summer of mail duties. (Pat Ryan photo)
  Photo Storage Mail Car 1452 led three lives in N&W Passenger service. Purchased as a used sleeper from Pullman in 1941, it was immediately converted to a coach for war service. In 1947 it was converted to a combine, and finally in 1952 it became as you see it here. (Pat Ryan photo)
  Photo With a red flag for protection, Class MS 1418 mail storage car tags along at the back of the westbound Arrow in August 1948. (Pat Ryan photo)
  Photo After nearly 50 years of service, how many times had Class BEg 1333 been to Williamson? (Pat Ryan photo)
  Photo Veteran 1642 Pg Class was built in 1916 by H&H. It was air conditioned in the mid-30's, and received a new roof and sealed windows when modernized in 1949. (Pat Ryan photo)
  Photo Dome car service was inaugurated on August 16, 1966 on the Arrow with three ex-Wabash domes build by Budd in 1950. 1610 is Class P5. (Pat Ryan photo)
  Photo Class De Diner 1018 was built by Pullman in 1923. It is still providing "Precision Transportation" with just a little more than a year before it will be off the roster. (Pat Ryan photo)
  Photo Only a few years before, it took a steward, four chefs, and five waiters for a crew of ten to man Diner 1020. Wonder how many it took in 1968. (Pat Ryan photo)
  Photo Class P1 502 was built by Pullman in 1949 originally as a crew/coach car. Two windows at left were added when the car was rebuilt as a three compartment coach and the crew lockers were removed. (Pat Ryan photo)
  Photo Diner 491, Class D1, built by Pullman in 1949 for the Powhatan Arrow. Note the Arrow logo is missing in the blue paint. (Pat Ryan photo)
The New Coal Tipple at Williamson, W. Va. / (Reprinted from Norfolk and Western Magazine, July 1923) - W. V. McNamara
  Photo The New Coal Tipple at Williamson, W. Va. (Jim Shaw photo)
The Powhatan Modeler - Thomas D. Dressler
The Virginian Local - Roger Nutting
  Drawing Diagrams on what to remove and add to model H-8A, H-12S, H-12 and H-12B coppers starting with Athearn 2-Bay ribbed-sided hopper. (Roger Nutting)
Current News - Robert G. Bowers
Pocahontas Paint Shop - James Nichols
  Drawing Stenciling for Cabin Cars, Cupola Type (end view) (N&W Drawing/Charlie Schlotthober collection)
  Photo Stenciling for Cabin Cars, Cupola Type (side view) (N&W Drawing/Charlie Schlotthober collection)
Vol. 8, No. 3 May / June 1992  Issue Select